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Clean Cars=Clean AirTake Action: Clean Cars = Clean Air! Move Forward with Clean Fuel Standards

Right now President Obama has the ability to set "Tier 3" clean-fuel and vehicle standards. These standards would lower the sulfur content of gasoline, thereby reducing air pollution, saving lives, and creating jobs. Big Oil wants to stop these clean fuel standards, but we can't wait for clean air.

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Tell President Obama to move forward with Tier 3 clean fuel standards.

100 Days of ActionGet Involved: 100 Days of Action

This week the Sierra Club launched "100 Days of Action on Climate," a series of local and national actions focused on bringing climate disruption to the forefront of the national conversation and pressing President Obama to be a leader in the climate fight.

During this period, allies and activists from around the country will host events ranging from inauguration-watch parties in New Mexico, to a national climate rally on Presidents Day weekend in Washington, D.C., to town hall meetings across the nation. It's all part of highlighting the broad support from Americans for fighting the climate crisis.

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Rally for Clean EnergyGrassroots Activism: Hundreds Rally for Clean Energy in Utah

Last week Utah Governor Gary Herbert convened his annual Energy Summit -- which our Utah activists say is usually a love fest for dirty fossil fuels.

More than 200 Sierra Club activists and allies responded with their own rally for clean energy outside the summit at the convention center in Salt Lake City.

Energy Efficiency Success in LouisianaGrassroots Activism: Energy-Efficiency Success in Louisiana

Last month, thanks in large part to three years of hard work by Sierra Club activists, Louisiana became the third state in the Southeast to adopt a statewide energy-efficiency standard.

"One of the greatest ways to save energy or make it cheaper is to conserve," said state Public Service Commissioner Lambert Boissiere III.

See our Scrapbook blog to learn more about the hard work that achieved this milestone for Louisiana.

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