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February 5, 2013
º 10 Places to Explore in 2013
º Moving and Shaking in Puerto Rico
º Products Made from Poop
º Protect Utah's Canyonlands
º Have a Wild Valentine's Day

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Zion National Park10 Places to Explore in 2013

Have you planned your next trip? Check out our list of exciting and exotic locales and start dreaming of the places you'll go this year.

Unexpected Things Made From PoopFour Unexpected Products Made from... Poop

Every animal poops. So why not make it into something useful? Some who have asked themselves that question have come up with inventive ways to use excrement to create some amazing sustainable products. Get the poop here.

zion2-0205.jpgProtect Utah's Canyonlands

The Greater Canyonlands of Utah are a vast expanse of desert plateaus, stunning red-rock formations, labyrinths of jaw-dropping canyons, and towering mesas with 750 miles of perennial streams. But this amazing area, which boasts a concentration of natural beauty and ancient human artifacts unlike any on the planet, is under attack. Extractive industries want to mine these lands for uranium, drill for oil, and frack for gas.

Read this essay by adventurer Aron Ralston -- whose almost unimaginable act of courage after becoming trapped in a canyon saved his life and inspired the film 127 Hours -- about why the Greater Canyonlands deserve protection.

Then tell President Obama to permanently protect the Greater Canyonlands by naming them as a national monument.

Photo: Jeff Clay/Clayhaus Photography 

Sierra Club Radio
Host Orli Cotel 1.) Latino Media Strategist Javier Sierra on environmental issues in the Latino community.

2.) Tonya Rawe from CARE USA on how climate disruption and changes in rainfall could affect the world's poor.

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YOU Can Make History On President's Day Weekend

Forward on Climate Rally Tens of thousands of citizens will converge on Washington, D.C., on February 17 for the Forward on Climate rally to tell the president we need his ambition to meet the scale of the challenge in transitioning to a clean-energy economy. 

"There's only one thing that will defeat the tar sands pipeline and ignite a clean-energy revolution in this country," says Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune in this video. "It's not another symposium, think tank, or government study -- it's you."

Buses are coming from over 20 states. RSVP, then find a ride near you

Check out our new Make History video! 

Watch this clip of Sierra Club youth ambassador Nolan Gould, star of the smash sitcom Modern Family, telling Ellen DeGeneres why he'll be at the rally. 

Read this impassioned piece by syndicated columnist Javier Sierra about how the actions we take now will shape the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.

Today's Diane Rehm show -- named one of the top ten most powerful national programs in public radio, with an estimated listenership of 1.7 million -- featured Michael Brune as one of three guests debating the environmental, economic, and political implications of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

And on February 6 (tomorrow) at 6:00 p.m. ET, Brune and co-founder May Boeve will host a video chat with some details about the big day. RSVP to join the chat

Be part of history. Join us on February 17 -- President's Day weekend -- on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and help make Forward on Climate the largest climate rally in history!

Can't Make It to D.C. for the Rally?

Forward on Climate RallyThunderclap is a new social media tool for "amplifying your Tweet into a sonic boom." You can join a virtual "hurray" by scheduling a Thunderclap post from Facebook or Twitter to show your support for those on the ground. Every Thunderclap post will go up at the same time on February 17, creating one of the biggest joint social media posts ever. Schedule your Thunderclap today -- the climate needs the noise!

The Sierra Club is also hosting Solidarity Rallies on February 17 -- mostly in the far West -- for those who want to participate but simply cannot make it to the nation's capital.

Pulling Out the Stops
Michael Brune

Recognizing the imminent danger posed by climate disruption, and the fact that President Obama will soon decide on the fate of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the Sierra Club will participate in a one-time act of peaceful civil disobedience for the first time in the organization’s 120-year history.

"For civil disobedience to be justified, something must be so wrong that it compels the strongest defensible protest," says Michael Brune. "The burning of dirty tar sands crude is a battle we can't afford to lose -- this is something Obama simply must reject."

"This decision is not one we take lightly," says Sierra Club President Allison Chin. "Allowing the production, transport, and burning of the dirtiest fuel on earth now would be a giant leap backwards. We are answering the urgency of this threat."

Photo: Martin Sundberg

Let’s Not Walk the Fracking Gangplank

Today The Economist hosted a debate between Michael Brune and Amy Myers Jaffee on the question: Do the benefits derived from shale gas outweigh the drawbacks of fracking? Brune made the case that natural gas is not a bridge but a gangplank. Vote now or add your comment.

Coal Plants Retired To 50,000 Megawatts -- And Beyond!

A settlement in Iowa in late January to retire seven coal boilers pushed the country past 50,000 megawatts of dirty coal power that have been retired since 2010 -- almost a sixth of the nation's coal fleet.

Then on February 1 came the news that three more plants in Minnesota would stop burning coal, bringing to 137 the number of coal plants that have been retired or scheduled for retirement since the Sierra Club launched its Beyond Coal campaign.

"By replacing coal with clean energy like wind and solar," says Beyond Coal Director Mary Anne Hitt,"we are redefining what is possible when it comes to how we power the nation."

Moving and Shaking in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Chapter Sierra ClubLast month the Puerto Rico Sierra Club -- the Club's newest and first Spanish-speaking chapter -- celebrated its eighth anniversary. Established in 2005 with a membership of 68, it has grown to include more than 1,600 members.

Meanwhile, environmental activist Carmen Guerrero Pérez, who played a key role in founding the chapter and launching its campaign to protect the island's Northeast Ecological Corridor, was sworn in as Puerto Rico's new Secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. ¡Hurra por la Isla del Encanto!

Show Your Wild Side This Valentine's Day

Sponsor a Wild Place for Valentine's DayValentine's Day is just around the corner. Need gift ideas? Sponsor a wild place for the one you love and you'll get a cuddly plush bear. Insider readers get 20 percent off for the next two days with a special discount code: INSIDER20.

You can select any of 12 iconic wild places, and each sponsorship comes with an adorable stuffed animal or a commemorative 1892 rucksack. Make sure to choose express shipping during checkout to ensure your package will arrive in time. Be sure to order by February 7 -- that's only two days away.

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