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LNG ExportsTake Action: President Obama, Put the Brakes on Natural Gas Exports

Right now, communities across the country are fighting climate change and the fracking industry for clean air and clean water. Now the stakes are getting even higher, as the natural gas industry wants to increase fracking in order to export liquefied natural gas to other countries.

Let's remind President Obama of all the other costs of fracking -- polluted drinking water, health problems, and more.

Take Action

Send your letter today. Tell President Obama to put the brakes on exporting fracked gas.

Forward on Climate RallyGrassroots Activism: More Than 40,000 Attend "Forward On Climate" Rally

On Sunday, more than 40,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C., for the "Forward on Climate" rally to demand climate action from President Obama. The huge crowd marched around the White House and landed some significant media coverage.

Thanks to everyone who came!

Ashville Beyonbd Coal VideoGrassroots Activism: Moving Asheville Beyond Coal

Asheville is a beautiful town in western North Carolina -- and they love their clean air, clean water, and their mountains. Unfortunately, there's a coal plant right in town that's threatening all they love.

Check out the new Asheville Beyond Coal video to learn more and get involved.

nc-0219.jpgGrassroots Activism: Greeting the President in Atlanta

Sierra Club staffers and volunteers turned out in force when President Obama visited Atlanta, Georgia, last week.

Their quick organizing helped them gather more than 30 people to hold a clean energy and climate rally near one of his stops in the city.

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