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Cut Polluter SubsidiesTake Action: Cut Polluter Subsidies, Not Environmental Protections

This week, some $85 billion dollars in across-the-board harsh cuts -- called sequestration -- will take effect because Republicans are unwilling to move a package of responsible fiscal reforms. This will have disastrous consequences on Americans' daily lives. The cuts will be seen in everything from climate-science research to drinking-water safety, to National Park access..

However, Congress can move forward on a reasonable compromise that would reduce unnecessary tax-dollar spending on subsides to big oil, gas, and coal.

Take Action

Tell Congress to put forth a reasonable and responsible package of fiscal reforms to move our country through our economic hardships while protecting our environment.

Demand Safer Nuclear WasteTake Action: Demand Safe Nuclear Waste Storage

The nation has a stockpile of 70,000 tons of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel at commercial reactors across the country. With the failure of Yucca Mountain to open, the government is considering stockpiling it at "interim" sites around the country. Moving spent nuclear fuel around for "interim" storage is expensive to taxpayers and dangerous to the public. Spent fuel should be safely stored in a hardened on-site facility.

Take Action

Tell your senators to stop interim storage of nuclear waste.

Allison ChinHang Out with Us: A Google+ Hangout on Diversity and Outdoor Recreation

Bringing more diversity to the outdoors is essential to preserving our natural heritage for future generations.

Join Sierra Club President Allison Chin on February 27 at 3pm PT for a Google+ Hangout on how the environmental movement needs diversity and why the Sierra Club's motto -- "explore, enjoy, and protect" -- appeals to communities of all backgrounds. 

UNC Students Protest CoalGrassroots Activism: College Students Lead on Fossil Fuel Divestment

Recently students at the University of North Carolina voted overwhelmingly in favor of the school divesting from fossil fuels. And the hard-working UNC Beyond Coal students who helped get that result are hardly alone -- thousands of college students nationwide are pushing similar measures on their campuses.

Learn more in this column from Beyond Coal Director Mary Anne Hitt.

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