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The Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter is big.  And we're working on getting bigger.  From the national Sierra Club, all the way down to the local Club operating within cities and counties throughout Colorado, we explore, enjoy, and protect what you care about most.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter's budget, however, is different than the national Sierra Club.  If you make a contribution to "Sierra Club," it may be heading out of state to other great work in the Club.  This is great, if that is your intent.  But if you intend to make your contributions count for work right here in Colorado, please continue reading or click on one of the donate links in this email.  No matter how big we get, our size will never match the onslaught of environmental challenges facing Colorado, so every contribution counts!  We make a difference through your contributions.

Our chapter integrates all levels of the Sierra Club.  We work within coalitions fighting to strengthen the environmental movement, and sometimes we go it alone to ensure success for the Colorado environmental work most important to our members and supporters.  

And we succeed because of your activism and support.

With you as our partner, we have:

  • successfully promoted and defended Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard
  • defeated a nuclear energy plant proposal; 
  • advocated for countless roadless and wilderness areas throughout the state that protect ecosystems and provide wildlife habitat; 
  • defeated countless bad bills at the Capitol, preventing harm to Coloradans and the environment in countless ways, while also promoting good bills to enhance our lives, and to protect what we care about most; 
  • successfully advocated for Chimney Rock National Monument; and much more.

We value your financial support and your activism.  Without your support, we cannot succeed.  

In 2013 and beyond, we're working to reign-in and eventually shut down the fossil fuel industry (coal, oil, and gas); we're working towards renewable solutions.  We also exist to protect great expanses of unique Colorado ecosystems and landscapes such as Browns Canyon near Colorado Springs, the Thompson Divide and Roan Plateau near Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, the South Park watershed, and many more areas that are threatened by development or bad decision-making from our governmental leaders.  The Rocky Mountain Chapter and our nine Groups have too much going on to list here.

We need your support to help us.  We hope you'll support all of our work here in Colorado, by making a significant contribution.  Here are some ways you can support our work financially:

  • Make a monthly contribution
    By supporting the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter through our monthly giving option, you're ensuring that we have an operational budget that keeps our (wind-powered Alliance Center) electricity bills, phone, and rent paid every month.  We need this operating budget to keep our doors open, and it's our monthly contributors who are helping us ensure that we can rely on a stable funding status.  Thank you if you choose this!  You can start as low as $10 per month, or you can really make a dent in our bills by increasing that amount to $20, $50, or $100 per month, or more.  Any monthly contributor over $20 receives a gorgeous 2013 Sierra Club photo calendar.


  • Make a significant individual gift
    For those who don't wish to budget for a monthly gift, you can decide on a single gift amount.  Many givers decide to make such an individual gift a larger gift equivalent to what their monthly giving for a full year would be.


  • Sierra Club Solar Homes 2013

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    Solar Homes Solutions

    The Rocky Mountain Chapter's partner, Sungevity, is a public benefit corporation that installs residential solar systems using local installation companies to help you painlessly mitigate the atmospheric carbon emissions on our electricity grid.  You can go solar by leasing a solar system without paying for the installation, and Sungevity will give you $750 for signing the contract.  We've been writing about this in our Peak & Prairie e-newsletter since last summer, so I won't go into details here.  What's better than getting paid to install solar power on your home?  I'll tell you: Sungevity makes a $750 contribution to the Sierra Club too!  Your Rocky Mountain Chapter benefits when your installation is completed.  So it's a win for you, a win for keeping the RMC moving forward on our important work, and it's a direct win for the environment.


  • Join or renew your membership
    Not everyone who supports Sierra Club with a contribution is considered a member, because they may not have applied for or renewed their membership.  By making sure your membership is in active status, you're strengthening all levels of Sierra Club.  You receive many membership benefits when your status is active.


  • Explore your legacy options through planned giving
    There are many ways you can leave a legacy of exploring, enjoying, and protecting the planet through planned giving options.  Some options will even provide you an income through your retirement years.  Contact our national Gift Planning Program at 800-932-4270, and specify that you want your planned gift to go to the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Please make your contribution to the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter today by mail (1536 Wynkoop St., 4B, Denver, CO 80202) or on our secure website.

Thank you
 for your continued support of the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter! With you as our partner, we explore, enjoy and protect Colorado.

Warm regards,

Joshua Ruschhaupt, Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Director

Joshua Ruschhaupt, Rocky Mountain Chapter Director

Joshua Ruschhaupt
Sierra Club
Rocky Mountain Chapter

P.S.  If you send a contribution of $20 per month or more, you will receive a 2013 Sierra Club photography calendar!

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