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Stop Mountaintop Removal MiningTake Action: Protect the Health of People Who Live Near Mountaintop-Removal Mines

A recent health study found that children born near mountaintop-removal coal mines were 42 percent more likely to suffer birth defects than babies born in non-mining areas. Communities across the region are fighting back, but mining companies are doing all they can to keep their profits high.

Right now, there's a bill in Congress that would put a stop to more mountaintop-removal mines until the Secretary of Health and Human Services determines whether the mines will make people who live nearby sick.

Take Action
Urge your member of Congress to support this bill and stand up for the health of Appalachians.

Stop Keystone XLTake Action: Tell President Obama to Reject Keystone XL

The State Department has released its revised report on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Shockingly, the report still downplays the overall effect of the tar sands on our climate. But while the report may be outrageous malpractice, science is on our side. We have several weeks during this comment period, the biggest one yet, to speak out and show President Obama that there is a national movement demanding he keep his climate promises.

Take Action

This is the final comment period -- tell President Obama to reject Keystone XL.

Google hangout on diversityVideo: Look Who Hung Out With Us

Diversity, outdoor recreation, and the future of our natural heritage. That was the topic of a Google+ Hangout hosted by Sierra Club President Allison Chin that featured Outdoor Afro and the Children & Nature Network, among others.

Watch the discussion and find out about the challenges and solutions that come with making our natural wonders accessible to everyone.

Greater CanyonlandsPhoto Contest: What's Your Favorite Piece of America?

Recently students at the University of North Carolina voted overwhelmingly in favor of the school The Sierra Club is launching the My Piece of America photo contest to encourage our members, supporters, and aspiring photographers nationwide to explore and enjoy our wild places on America's public lands -- and then to add their contribution to the greater effort to protect them. The winning photograph will be featured widely across Sierra Club's online presence and seen by millions of people.

Upload your favorite photo of an American wild place now!

Photo: Jeff Clay



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