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A few years ago homebuilders and energy efficiency advocates came together to help lower energy usage, save consumers money, and reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, North Carolina led the way by increasing efficiency standards in new homes by 15%.

Now, powerful special interests in Raleigh want to delay future improvements to North Carolina’s residential building code. In fact, they want to double the amount of time before new homes in North Carolina are required to have the same health, safety and energy requirements that other states have.

Tell your legislator to vote against HB 120! Moving from a 3- year code cycle, to a 6-year cycle hurts consumers that need modern, safe, and efficient homes.

If North Carolina moves forward with this legislation, we would be the only state in the country to move to a 6-year cycle. Delaying improvements will not only prevent new energy efficiency standards, but it could also prevent fire safety measures, and weather resistance standards.

This measure puts North Carolinians at risk of substandard housing stock in order to boost the profits of certain home builders.

Click here to tell your legislators to vote against HB 120.


Travis Hargett

Volunteer Coordinator and Organizer, NC Sierra Club


P.S. - Click here to tell your legislators to oppose HB 120. Don't let North Carolina fall behind the rest of the nation.

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