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Don't Attach Anti-Environmental Admendments to the BudgetTake Action: Don't Attach Anti-Environmental Amendments to the Budget

With climate stakes this high, Congress has no excuse for playing politics and misusing the federal budget to approve big polluters' pet projects like the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Unfortunately, Big Oil and Coal and their friends in Congress are trying to do just that by threatening to offer anti-environmental riders to the Senate budget bill. There should be no place in the budget for dirty fuels or restrictions on the EPA's ability to protect our climate, public health, and the environment.

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Tell Congress to pass a budget free of anti-environmental amendments.

We Need Clean Tailpipe StandardsTake Action: We Need Clean Tailpipe Standards

Right now President Obama has the ability to set "Tier 3" clean-fuel and vehicle standards. These standards would lower the sulfur content of gasoline, thereby reducing air pollution, saving lives, and creating jobs. Big Oil wants to stop these clean fuel standards, falsely claiming that they will dramatically increase gas prices.

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Tell President Obama to move forward with Tier 3 clean fuel standards.

Fighting for Clean Air in MichiganGrassroots Activism: Fighting for Clean Air in Michigan

Sierra Club activists and allies made the news in River Rouge, Michigan, last week for taking legal action against DTE Energy's more than 1,400 violations of the Clean Air Act at four coal plants.

"DTE's coal fleet is outdated and out of compliance, and southeast Michigan families deserve better than dirty air in our communities," said Patrick Geans, Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign organizer in Detroit.

Offshore Wind Bill Passes in MarylandGrassroots Activism: Offshore Wind Bill Passes in Maryland

A three-year campaign by the Sierra Club's Maryland Chapter has victory in its sights after the Maryland General Assembly gave final approval to send the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 to Governor Martin O'Malley for his signature.

"With all the door-knocking, hundreds of phone calls and handwritten letters, letters-to-the-editor, rallies, and town hall meetings, this year we were positioned to win," said Christine Hill, Sierra Club Maryland organizer.

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