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Protect Vulnerable Communities from Toxic Air PollutionTake Action: Tell the EPA to Protect Vulnerable Communities from Toxic Air Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency is working on a safeguard that closes existing industry loopholes and holds polluters accountable for bursts of toxic air pollution that currently go unchecked.

Neighborhoods adjacent to these types of facilities -- often lower-income families and communities of color -- are being exposed to dangerously high levels of air pollution. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, polluters are fighting this commonsense effort.

Take Action
Tell the EPA to stand strong and protect vulnerable communities from dangerous air pollution.

Tell Congress to Protect WildernessTake Action: Tell Congress to Protect Wilderness

This week marks four years since Congress passed any legislation protecting wilderness. It has been four years of inaction and roadblocks by House Republican leadership despite strong bipartisan support for dozens of bills.

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Tell your member of Congress to act now to protect wilderness.

Rio Grande Del NorteMonuments Matter: President Obama Names Five National Monuments

On Monday, President Obama designated five new national monuments across the country. The monuments will protect hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Rio Grande Del Norte in New Mexico, the San Juan Islands in Washington State, the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument in Maryland, the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio, and the Delaware Heritage Trail, the first national monument in that state.

Tell President Obama thank you for creating five new national monuments.

Photo by Adriel Heisey.

L.A. Moves Beyond CoalGrassroots Activism: Los Angeles to Move Beyond Coal

Los Angeles residents and clean air lovers everywhere cheered Friday when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the city would be coal-free by 2025. Sierra Club volunteers and staff worked very hard over the years to get the city to switch from coal to clean energy -- and the hard work paid off!

Congrats to everyone involved!


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