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New "Green Life" Blog: Ideas for Living and Doing Well
Victory: 275,000 Acres of Northern CA Coast Protected
Slideshow of Stunning Galen Rowell Photographs
Trick or Treat in Style: Scariest Halloween Costume
Mr. Green's 10 Rules for Eating Well
BlogWatch: Ideal Bite
EXPLORE: Trailing Lewis and Clark
ENJOY: New Fiore Cartoon!
PROTECT: Save Our Coasts from Big Oil

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Sierra Club InsiderOctober 24, 2006

The Best Things in Life Are Green
Trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Donate those dowdy hemp dresses and toss that bland lentil dinner onto the compost heap -- these days, style and sustainability go hand in hand. For the past year, Sierra magazine's "The Green Life" section has showcased trendsetting people, cool products, and empowering ideas that can help us all live well while doing good. But with so many great green innovations out there, we needed more room to cover them all. The Green Life combines all of Sierra's lifestyle articles with regular updates on food, fashion, home décor, pop culture, transportation, media, and more. Looking for some unique recycled furniture? A better way to get to work? Simple tips to save energy and money? Find out why the green life really is the good life.

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New North Coast Wilderness
On October 17, President Bush signed into law the North Coast Wild Heritage Wilderness Act, authored by Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Mike Thompson. Also supported by Senator Dianne Feinstein, the bill will protect roughly 275,000 acres of new wilderness in five Northern California counties, including the King Range Wilderness on the so-called "lost coast," the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the lower 48 states. The act protects habitats for numerous endangered and threatened species, including the bald eagle.

The bill's passage follows years of hard work by the Sierra Club and other citizen activists on the North Coast and around the state.

Galen Rowell: A Retrospective
Galen Rowell had the soul of an explorer and the eye of an artist. Had his camerawork not made him famous, his writing and mountaineering exploits surely would have. Tragically, the famed adventure photograph died in 2002, in a plane crash that also claimed the life of his wife and business partner, Barbara Cushman Rowell.

Out this month from Sierra Club Books, Galen Rowell: A Retrospective, brings the photographer's best work, reproduced to the highest standards, together in one bound volume for the first time. The book spans Rowell's singular career and includes more than 175 images chosen by the editors with whom he worked most closely. Complementing the photos are essays and commentaries by Rowell's friends and associates from the worlds of mountaineering, conservation, photography, and publishing.

Learn more about the book and view a slideshow of Rowell's stunning images.

Trick or Treat in Style
The scariest costume from last Halloween is even scarier this year. So in case you lost your Rep. Richard Pombo mask (or never got one), we've made sure it's still available for downloading here. You'll have to provide your own collection of endangered species, though. 


Mr. Green's 10 Rules for Eating Well 
Bob Schildgen, aka Mr. Green, serves up a hearty helping of food wisdom in the pages of the November/December issue of award-winning Sierra magazine. A slow-food advocate since way back, Bob translates the vogue for healthy eating into easy-to-apprehend, commonsense rules of thumb, while gracing readers with his worldliness and wisdom. Did you know that on the island of Crete they eat 26 kinds of wild plants, or that the people of the island are the longest-lived in the world? Bet you didn't. But Mr. Green did. And that's just the beginning. Read "10 Ways to Eat Well" and before you know it, you'll have nothing to do with iceberg lettuce. Instead, you'll nosh on a whole smorgasbord of homegrown and poetic-sounding greens: arugula, endive, chicory, dandelions, mustard, collard, and kale. Mmmm Mmmmm.

Blog Watch: Ideal Bite
Let's face it: We environmentalists can be a dour bunch always going on about dire consequences, dwindling resources, and species extinction. There's only so much of that a person can take. So, if you're in the mood for something a little lighter, but still eco-conscious, pay a visit to Ideal Bite.

The brainchild of co-founders Heather Stephenson and Jennifer Boulden, Ideal Bite is best known for its daily tips, which deal with everyday, brass-tacks issues like proper battery disposal and how to reduce junk mail. You can sign up to have tips mailed to your inbox or just browse the tip library to see what you're missing.

And then there's the blog. Here, you can read and comment on the daily (or nearly so) ramblings of the 'Biters.' As with the rest of the site, the tone is lighthearted and thoughtful, never preachy or self-righteous. And while Ideal Bite may not address your most profound concerns or deepest cravings, well... it certainly is refreshing.

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Trailing Lewis and Clark

The bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition may have passed, but you can still follow in the footsteps of the Corps of Discovery on our website. Explore our online exhibit, where you can open the journals of Lewis and Clark and read what they were doing on this date in 1804 or 1805. But that's not all. There are numerous other features, including an illustrated nature journal, a fishing guide to the waters of Lewis and Clark, an accounting of what's lost and what's left, plus actions you can take to keep some part of the West wild for future generations.

They Can't Vote -- But You Can!

More people than ever before are considering environmental issues as they decide how to vote in next week's election. One voting bloc, however, has been relatively silent. That's about to change. Thanks to cartoonist Mark Fiore, you can hear for yourself what the salmon, the caribou, the polar bear, and the grizzly think about going to the polls and learn how best to make your voice heard. Hint: It's never a good idea to eat a poll worker.


Save Our Coasts from Big Oil

The House and Senate both passed bills that allow offshore oil and gas drilling this year, but the House version (sponsored by Rep. Richard Pombo) would allow drilling just a few miles off of America's coasts. Use our Action Center to urge your senators to block any offshore oil and gas drilling bill that comes out of a House-Senate Conference Committee. The final bill will likely be much wider and more dangerous in scope then the Senate's already dangerous bill.

Photos: Trailing Lewis and Clark (iStockPhoto) | They Can't Vote (Mark Fiore) | Offshore Drilling (iStockPhoto)

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