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Score One for the Sea Turtles

Score One for the Sea Turtles

The Sierra Club's Puerto Rico Chapter won the biggest victory in its eight-year history when the governor signed a law this month permanently protecting 3,000 acres of the island's Northeast Ecological Corridor. Widely considered the island's environmental crown jewel, the Corridor features every ecosystem in Puerto Rico, has nearly 900 types of flora and fauna, and contains one of the most important nesting grounds in the U.S. for the endangered leatherback sea turtle -- largest of the world's sea turtles. In high season, female leatherbacks lay thousands of eggs in hundreds of nests they carve out on the Corridor's beaches.

Read more about the Sierra Club's -- and the sea turtles' -- big win on la Isla del Encanto. 

What a Difference 100 Days Make What a Difference 100 Days Make

Since the Sierra Club launched its 100 Days of Action campaign to fight climate disruption in January, people like you have organized over 300 events nationwide and taken nearly 1.2 million actions. And you're demanding to be heard! In these 100 days, President Obama has designated five new national monuments and proposed tough new vehicle emissions standards and power plant water-pollution safeguards; and Los Angeles has pledged to go off coal by 2025. But there's more we need from President Obama.

Find out more about what we've accomplished -- and what's still left for the president to do -- in our new 100 Days of Action video.

Help Us Protect the Arctic Refuge
Sandy's Legacy -- And Our Challenge Sandy's Legacy -- And Our Challenge

Six months ago this week, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the eastern seaboard, flooding New York City and destroying homes and businesses in New York and all along the New Jersey coast. Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane to strike the United States in 2012, and the second-costliest in U.S. history, after Katrina. The superstorm, which affected 24 states, made the reality of climate disruption impossible to ignore. Last week, photographer Julie Dermansky revisited the New Jersey shore to see how things look half a year after the storm.

View the slideshow and take action to help combat climate disruption.

Photo: Julie Dermansky

Hey You! Explore
Hey You!

Looking to travel with the "under 50" crowd? Embark on a rugged challenge? Or just make some new friends along the trail? Then be sure to check out our trips for younger participants. Some are specifically geared toward young people or run by our more youthful leaders. Others are just great deals for anyone on a budget.

If you're under 30, you may be able to go on select trips for an unbeatable $150 or less, thanks to our youth scholarship funds. Visit our youth scholarships page for more info. Funding is limited, so don't wait until the last minute!

Enter to win!
A Path to the Future A Path to the Future

Some 11 million undocumented immigrants live and work in the U.S. in a state of legal limbo, with few of the rights or protections others enjoy. Many labor in jobs where they are exposed to dangerous conditions, chemicals and pesticides, and live in areas with disproportionately high air and water pollution. That's why the Sierra Club's Board of Directors has voted to offer strong support for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Here's Michael Brune's blog post on the decision.

7 of the World's Strangest Flowers Enjoy
7 of the World's Strangest Flowers

Blossoms that smell like rotting corpses? Plants that can generate their own heat? A 10-foot tall bloom that takes six years to open? No, these plants don't come from the realm of science fiction. We've rounded up seven of the world's most bizarre flora.

Prepare to be amazed by Mother Nature's unexpected creations.

Coal to Clean Energy -- It's the Native American Way Coal to Clean Energy -- It's the Native American Way

For years, the Reid Gardner coal plant in Nevada has been causing misery for the Moapa Band of Paiutes by spewing toxic pollution across their reservation, which sits immediately adjacent to the plant. But thanks to a joint effort of the Moapa and the Sierra Club, the plant is now slated for retirement, and a new solar array is planned on tribal lands. On April 20, hundreds of tribal leaders, faith leaders, and citizens from across the Southwest joined the Moapa Band for a "Coal to Clean Energy Walk" from the Reid Gardner plant to the site of the solar array, which will be the largest in the nation on tribal lands.

See photos of the march and hear what members of the Moapa Band had to say.


You Did it! Thank You! You Did It! Thank you!

This Earth Month we challenged you to help us meet some lofty goals. Thanks to you, we were able to blow past our goal of recruiting 2,000 members! We also asked current members to step up to raise $70,000 to secure a matching gift to protect the Polar Bear Seas and all of wild America. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Didn't get a chance to give? There's still time to make a gift for Earth Month.

ProtectAmerican Wolverine
Help Save an American Scrapper

Wolverines are the heart and soul of the North Cascades and the Rocky Mountains, with their frost-resistant fur, small frame, and big attitude. Until recently, they were completely wiped out from the lower 48 states -- victims of hunting, trapping, and development. But these scrappy survivors are making a comeback -- and they need your help. Experts estimate there are currently 300 wolverines in the Lower 48. An official listing as a "threatened" species would provide protections to help bolster the comeback of this iconic symbol of wild America.

Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list wolverines as a "threatened" species and take other steps to help these survivors make their comeback.

Tread Lightly Tread Lightly in Sierra Club Socks

Sierra Club socks are made in Old Fort, North Carolina, from recycled and organic fibers. Ever wonder how they turn recycled water bottles and fabric scraps into yarn? Learn more and gear up for spring with some of our lighter-weight styles like Linville for ladies and Davidson for men -- available in fun colors like olive, denim, and autumn maple. And you'll support the Sierra Club with each purchase.

Sponsor a Wild Place this Mother's Day!
6 of America's Scariest Hiking Trails 6 of America's Scariest Hiking Trails

Are you brave enough to tackle these adventurous treks? We've highlighted six of the most dangerous trails in the country. The challenging routes require experience, strength, endurance, proper planning, and appropriate gear. But hikers who succeed will be rewarded with spectacular vistas and epic stories.

Add these trails to your bucket list... if you dare.

Host Orli Cotel Sierra Club Radio
1.) Race-car driver Leilani Munter on creating the world's first "VegNation" race car and encouraging millions of race fans to adopt a plant-based diet. 2.) Stacy Bare, director of the Sierra Club's Mission Outdoors program, on celebrating the Month of the Military Child Outdoors. 3.) Sierra magazine's Avital Andrews shares tips for growing your own herbs this spring.

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