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5 Eco-Friendly Smartphone Accessories, Celebrating 121 Years, Hawaii Leads the Way, Fracking Inadequate, and more.
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Sierra Club Timeline The Sierra Club and Marco Rubio Have the Same Birthday?

Yep, the Sierra Club celebrates its 121st anniversary today, and we've put together a timeline highlighting major milestones in the Club's history. Want to know when the Club held its first outing, and where it took place? When the first Sierra Club Bulletin -- precursor to today's Sierra magazine -- was published? What American president visited Yosemite with John Muir? When the Club elected its first female president, and who she was?

Check out the Sierra Club timeline for a recap of the Club's greatest hits.

Green Your Smart Phone 5 Eco-Friendly Smartphone Accessories

A camp stove that doubles as a phone charger? Now that's smart.

Check out our full list of eco-friendly cell products to see more intelligent add-ons.

Join the Sierra Club
Our Kind of Plastic Our Kind of Plastic

We've partnered with One PacificCoast Bank, FSB, a community development bank, to offer our members and supporters a credit card aligned with our mutual values. The Sierra Club Visa® Platinum credit card offers competitive rates and great benefits -- to reward you and help protect wild places with every purchase.

To apply or to learn more, visit

Sierra Club Outings Explore
Adventures for All Ages, Abilities, and Interests

Come one, come all! Because here at Sierra Club Outings, we're all about choices. Want to learn the ropes of backpacking? Try a beginner trip. Got a specific date, destination, or budget in mind? Visit our advanced search page. Eager to introduce the kids to the natural world? Check out our family itineraries, or join us on a youth scholarships trip for just $150 -- or less!

Find all this and plenty more at

Coal 101 What's Wrong With Coal?

Coal is making us sick, and it's time to relegate this toxic, outdated energy source to the dustbin… er, coalbin of history. The good news is that the U.S. has become an international leader in reducing carbon pollution, largely because we are retiring coal plants and replacing them with clean, renewable energy. Some states are already getting more than 20 percent of their energy from wind power.

Check out our new video, Coal 101, to see why moving beyond coal will transform America.

Blood Falls, Antarctica Enjoy
Earth's 10 Strangest Landscapes

Is this glacier bleeding? This photo is one of 10 locales that are so bizarre you might not believe they're on planet Earth.

Click through our photo gallery to see some unbelievable vistas and tell us in the comments how many you've seen in real life.

Photo: Caters News Agency

Hawaii Hawaii Leads the Way

Hawaii has passed a first-of-its-kind clean-energy financing measure, championed by the Sierra Club, that makes it easy for residents and small businesses to both go green and save some green. "The program proposes no additional costs to ratepayers, it allows residents to save money, it creates good jobs, reduces air pollution, lowers the cost of homeownership, helps lower-income people who might not be able to get bank loans, and opens up clean-energy opportunities to renters," says Hawaii Chapter Director Robert Harris. "What's not to like?"

Enter to win!
Sierra Student Coalition Fall Fellowship Sierra Student Coalition Fall Fellowship

The Sierra Student Coalition is hiring student Fellows this fall to help build the SSC network and recruit young people to Power Shift, a conference of 10,000 students/young people to get trained and empowered to make a difference in their communities. Our Fall Fellows will work on-campus and in their states to fundraise, recruit for Power Shift, and afterward return to their campuses to take action and create real change on the environment, climate, and energy. Power Shift 2013 is October 18-21 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Check out our website for details and apply by June 3.

Stop fracking on public lands Protect
Fracking Inadequate

Fracking is dirty and dangerous, but the Bureau of Land Management's new rules for fracking on federal lands completely fail to honor President Obama's 2013 State of the Union address, in which he pledged to do more to combat the climate crisis for the sake of our children and our future.

No amount of regulation can make fracking acceptable, but the new BLM rules fail to put in place even the most basic safeguards, such as making companies publicly disclose toxic chemicals used or requiring setbacks from homes and schools.

Write to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell telling her you want no new areas opened for fracking on federal lands.

Sierra Club Military History A Day of Remembrance

Each Memorial Day, we honor those who have died in combat and those who continue serving. Service to our country has been part of the Sierra Club's legacy for over 100 years. In tribute, we have compiled rare photos and articles from our William E. Colby Memorial Library, including lists of names of Sierra Club members who served in World Wars I and II and a mini-documentary of our expedition with military veterans in Glacier National Park.

Learn more about the Sierra Club's military history here.

Last week the Boy Scouts of America announced that it will allow gay scouts, but not gay Scout leaders. The Sierra Club welcomes all cultures, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations to walk, paddle, climb and lead with us. We believe that bringing diversity to outdoor recreation is an essential means to preserving our natural heritage for future generations.

Learn more from Sierra Club Mission Outdoors Director Stacy Bare.

Host Orli Cotel Sierra Club Radio
1.) Matt Rigney on his new book, In Pursuit of Giants: One Man's Global Search for the Last of the Great Fish. 2.) Rebecca Lerner talks with us about her book Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness. 3.) Annie Somerville tells us about making your own vegetable stocks and stuffed mushrooms.

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