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Wolves Thrown to the Dogs, On the Road With the Brunes, Bugs: They're What's for Dinner, and more
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Help Save the Wolf Wolves Thrown to the Dogs

On Friday, the Obama administration let us down, proposing to strip nearly all gray wolves of their Endangered Species Act protections. Delisting wolves now would turn back the clock on years of hard-won recovery work, and it could finish off this legendary species in the Lower 48 for good. We need your help.

Help fund critical organizing efforts to drown out the voices of the special interests and their politics that target wolves.

Hit the Road with the Brunes On the Road With the Brunes

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune and his family hit the road last week to help launch the Our Wild America campaign, which builds on the Sierra Club's historic work to protect nature and save America's wild places for everyone to explore and enjoy.

During the two-week trek across the western U.S., the Brunes will visit many places desperately in need of protection and talk to local community leaders about how to save our wild legacy and re-energize people to go out and enjoy all our public lands have to offer.

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Bugs: They're What's for Dinner Bugs: They're What's for Dinner

The latest culinary trend? Insects. Find out why bug cuisine is good for the environment, read an interview with chef David George Gordon, and check out three recipes for adventurous eaters.

Tell us in the comments if you're brave enough to try wax worm cookies or grasshopper kabobs.

Photo illustration by Aaron Goodman

Sierra Club Outings Explore
Boldly Go Where Few Have Gone Before

Searching for solitude? You'll find plenty on our wilderness backpack trips in Alaska, California, the Rockies, Midwest, and Southwest. All it takes is a backpack and an adventurous spirit to discover worlds left virtually untouched by civilization.

Not sure where to start? Join other curious newcomers on a beginner trip with our experienced and enthusiastic leaders.

Check out a few of our favorite trips and more at

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Every City He Visits

Two hundred in Chicago. Five hundred in New York City. More than 1,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. In every city President Obama visits, supporters of a clean-energy future are there to greet him and demand the defeat of toxic tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Read our top ten reasons why the pipeline is the critical piece of the climate puzzle.

Go Solar with the Sierra Club
Help Reclaim Public Lands from Livestock Grazing Do Have a Cow, Man

A big thanks goes to Representative (D-WA) Adam Smith for reintroducing the Rural Economic Vitalization Act, legislation that would lessen grazing impacts on Western habitats and wildlife -- and save taxpayers money.

Help reclaim our public wild lands from livestock grazing by telling your representative to support this bill.

Biking is not just for white guys with tattoos Enjoy
Biking: Not Just for White Guys with Tattoos

"The message that's out there is that... biking's not for us," says Allyson Criner of Black Women Bike. "That's not true. Our mission is to get black women on bicycles." Bike commuting is up 47 percent nationwide -- and the largest increases are among women, youth, and people of color.

Find out how the cycling landscape is changing.

Photo by Benjamin Tankersley

Green Your Fathers Day Green Your Father's Day

Your dad's a great guy, and really, he's got enough ties and homemade coffee mugs. This Father's Day, celebrate him with some great green gift ideas.

Learn how to sponsor a wild place for him, go on an outing together, and more in our Father's Day gift guide.

Safeguard Against Water Pollution from Coal Protect
Love That Dirty Water? Nope.

Coal-fired power plants produce more toxic waste than any other industry in the United States, including the chemical, plastic, and paint manufacturing industries. They spew millions of pounds of pollutants into our waters every year -- and that ain't right.

Tell the EPA that we need the strongest possible safeguards against toxic wastewater.

Farewell, San Onofre Farewell, San Onofre

Southern California Edison has announced the closure of its San Onofre nuclear plant, a "cranky, unpredictable, and potentially very dangerous power plant" located right above a popular surfing and recreation area between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Host Orli Cotel Sierra Club Radio
1.) Filmmaker Nancy Kelley on her new documentary, Rebels with a Cause.
2.) Jane Feldman on the campaign to switch from coal to clean energy in Nevada.
3.) Sierra magazine's Avital Andrews shares ideas for green accessories for your car.
4.) Green cuisine tips from Annie Somerville, executive chef of Greens restaurant in San Francisco.

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