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Take Action: Thank President Obama Take Action: Tell Your Rep to Take Climate Action

Does your U.S. Representative know how fast the mercury is rising back home? Nearly 33,000 all-time high temperature records were broken in 2012, but many in Congress are sitting on their hands instead of acting on our climate crisis. Check out this interactive map of 2012 temperatures and see if your representative is working toward climate solutions or burying their head in the sand. Then send your representative an email to let them know you're paying attention even if they aren't.

Take Action
Tell your representatives we need President Obama's Climate Action Plan now.

Tell Congress to Protect Voting Rights Take Action: Don't Let the Senate Obstruct Our Progress

The ridiculous obstruction in the Senate is affecting not just the prospects for new legislation, but also the effectiveness of hundreds of laws that are already in place. A handful of reckless Senators are blocking the appointment of dozens of highly qualified nominees -- tapped by President Obama to lead everything from the Environmental Protection Agency to the National Labor Relations Board to courthouses across the country -- preventing them from doing the jobs they were appointed to do.

Take Action
Tell your Senators to confirm the President's nominees and stop the obstruction.

Take Action: Don't Frack Our National Forests! Take Action: Don't Frack Our National Forests!

Last year, the Forest Service made an important decision when it proposed keeping dangerous and dirty oil and gas horizontal drilling and fracking out of the George Washington National Forest in Virginia and West Virginia.

This unique and beautiful forest supplies critical wildlife habitats, as well as recreation opportunities and clean drinking water for millions of residents and visitors annually. The oil and gas industry is now pressuring the Obama administration to allow fracking in this forest.

Take Action
Tell the Forest Service to prohibit horizontal fracking in the George Washington National Forest.

Join Us: Our Wild Hangout Join Us: Our Wild Hangout

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune just got back from a two-week family road trip to some of America's most amazing wild places.

Join him and other members of the Sierra Club's new Our Wild America campaign this Thursday at 12:30 PST for a live Google Plus Hangout to hear about the trip and how Our Wild America aims to protect our wild places.

Join us!

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