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Volume VI, #84
October 9, 2007

It's a nightmare.

-- Nevada Representative Shelley Berkley (D), on a federal proposal to double the size of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Fund Progress, Not Nukes!
2) Take ActionProtect Virginia Wilderness 
3) Victory: Energy Giant Moves to Protect Public Health 
4) Biofuels: Growing Jobs in Iowa

1) Take Action: Fund Progress, Not Nukes!
nuclearpowerThe recently-passed energy bills in both the Senate and the House contain forward-thinking provisions like a Renewable Electricity Standard and increases in fuel economy. But they could also open the door for unlimited funding for dangerous and costly nuclear energy technology.

Nuclear energy is a bad investment, from outrageously huge subsidies to potential meltdowns to toxic waste that continues to accumulate without any permanent storage facilities. Take action now and urge your members of Congress to remove this provision that would give the nuclear industry a blank check to build new nuclear reactors across the country.

Currents action alert arrowTell your Senators and Representative to Refuse Unlimited Loan Guarantees to the Nuclear Industry

2) Take Action: Protect Virginia Wilderness!
Wild TurkeyThanks to a new bill in Congress, over 50,000 acres of wilderness in Virginia's Jefferson National Forest could be preserved as wilderness. Located near the growing population centers of southwestern Virginia, the areas protected by the Virginia Ridge and Valley Act will preserve crucial habitat which includes stands of old growth for bear, song birds and wild turkey and provide opportunities for solitude and a wide variety of recreational activities.

Currents action alert arrowUrge your representative to permanently protect Virginia's Appalachian wilderness heritage!

3) Victory: Energy Giant Moves to Protect Public Health
In a huge victory for public health today, American Electric Power (AEP) agreed to markedly reduce hazardous air pollution from dozens of its coal-fired power plants- dramatically improving air quality and reducing health risks to neighboring communities. After years of refusing to clean up its dirtiest plants, AEP will now spend over $4.5 billion to install extensive pollution controls at dozens of the most polluting units in its eastern system. The landmark settlement with Sierra Club, other environmental groups, states and EPA, also requires that all pollution reductions come from actual on-the-ground improvements, not purchased pollution credits or allowances.

Learn more about this victory!

4) Biofuels: Growing Jobs in Iowa
cornfieldTransitioning to the next generation of biofuels, like cellulosic ethanol could bring sustained prosperity to family farmers, fuel economic growth and create jobs, according to reports released today by the Sierra Club, the Worldwatch Institute and the Blue-Green Alliance.

The reports found developing second generation biofuels could deliver a host of economic benefits, including the potential for thousands of new jobs in renewable energy manufacturing. Switching to more sustainable second-generation biofuels would also benefit the environment- protecting valuable conservation lands that provide important game habitat and recreational sporting opportunities.

Learn more about the benefits of biofuels and read the reports.


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