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Time to Tell the Truth About Keystone XLTime to Tell the Truth About Keystone XL 

The fight against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline got a major boost this summer when President Obama vowed to reject the pipeline if it would "significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution." Keystone's hopes now rest on a flawed State Department environmental report that claims the pipeline is harmless, despite mounting evidence that it would have significant negative effects on our climate and environment. And now comes breaking news that State's own ethics watchdogs are calling the report into question, thanks to a list of problems with the pipeline and the review process presented by the Sierra Club and our partners.

Tell Secretary of State Kerry that the State Department's environmental report must tell the truth -- KXL would be a disaster for the environment! 

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10 Meatless Meals for Active Lifestyles 10 Meatless Meals for Active Lifestyles

Ultramarathon runner Ann Trason holds 20 world records in distances between 50 and 100 miles. It has been said that she "seems at times to possess superhuman strength." Part of that exceptional ability comes from a super-healthy nutrition plan.

We recently spoke with Ann and learned about her favorite vegetarian foods for people with active lifestyles.

Sierra Club Outings Explore
Camping With a Roof Over Your Head

If you're outdoors-inclined but unsure about camping, a lodge-based Sierra Club trip might be for you. Spend action-packed days hiking, exploring nature, or simply relaxing, and return each night to a lodge for home-cooked meals, good company, and a real bed.

Hike and create works of art on a painting trip in California's Tahoe National Forest;  visit glacier-carved valleys and lakes in Idaho's rugged Sawtooth mountainsdayhike, stargaze, and discover natural and human history in the magnificent Colorado high country; or help conserve threatened aspen trees during fall in California's Stanislaus National Forest.

Looking for more like this, or something else entirely? Visit Sierra Club Outings to find your perfect trip.

Bridging the Green-Khaki Divide Bridging the Green-Khaki Divide

Joshua Brandon served three tours of duty in Iraq, where he was awarded a Silver Star and two Bronze Stars for valor. But like so many other vets, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and after mustering out of the Army in 2012, he had difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Brandon credits getting outdoors and cultivating a love of wild places with turning his life around. He now works for the Sierra Club's Mission Outdoors program, where he is helping put together a Sierra Club Veteran Leadership Team.

Environmentalists and veterans are natural allies, Brandon says. Read more about what this vet is doing to foster this powerful alliance.

Mark Ruffalo We Like Him When He's Angry

Few things anger Mark Ruffalo more than fossil-fuel industry accidents, such as the recent explosive blowout of a natural gas drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Ruffalo, an Oscar nominee who played the Hulk in The Avengers, penned this column in The Daily Beast, giving the dirty fuels industry a punch to the gut and asking readers to sign our petition to move the country beyond natural gas.

"Petroleum doesn't equal patriotism," he writes. "The real way to put America first is to put bad energy last."

Brune family adventure Enjoy
All in the Family

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune and his family took a two-week summer road trip through the American West, including stops at Chimney Rock, Greater Canyonlands, and the Grand Canyon. For Mary Brune, Michael's wife, it was a chance for the whole family, including their three young kids, to experience what the Sierra Club is all about.

Mary, a board member with Pesticide Action Network, wrote about the adventure in "When we started out on our trip, I was worried that the kids would have a hard time being away from home and friends. I shouldn't have worried."

Read her travelogue.

Best Internship on Earth Find Out What MTV Knows About the Sierra Club's Best Interns

Best Internship on Earth winners Izzy Weisz and Daniel Cespedes have been traveling the U.S., from California to Colorado to Chicago to Washington, D.C., documenting their adventures as they go.

Check out their site to catch up on all the action -- photos, blogs, an interview with MTV, and videos that chronicle their summer -- including the latest video where they find uranium mining right outside the Grand Canyon National Park.

Saving Muir's Sequoia Saving Muir's Sequoia

In the early 1880s, John Muir brought a giant sequoia seedling back from one of his trips to Yosemite and planted it at his home in Martinez, California -- now the John Muir National Historic site. But 130 years later, Muir's beloved Sequoiadendron giganteum is dying.

Find out how the National Park Service is trying to preserve this living connection with the Sierra Club's founder.

Warren Buffett Oracle Foretells Coal's Decline

He's not called the "Oracle of Omaha" for nothing. During a recent public ribbon-cutting ceremony in Indiana, Warren Buffett, the second-wealthiest person in the U.S. and its most-respected investor, candidly expressed his lack of confidence in coal's future: "Coal will gradually decline in importance," he said, causing the coal-friendly Indiana governor in attendance to do a double take.

Find out why Buffett thinks it's time for America to start planning for the end of coal.

Sierra Rise Protect
Join the SierraRise Community

Congress has never been more at odds with common sense. That's why the Sierra Club is launching SierraRise: a new, online community working for progress and sustainability. Together, we'll reach new audiences in a bigger and more powerful movement than ever before. We'll tackle the entrenched interests driving climate change, corporate corruption, and a broken democracy. That means sharing heartfelt stories and inspiring pictures and flooding the inboxes of politicians and corporations with powerful personal messages.

Please take 30 seconds to sign up and join thousands of others in the SierraRise community.

Galen Rowell
The Hartford Insurance Feel-Good Auto and Home Insurance

Saving money on your auto and home insurance is good. Even better is choosing an insurance company that shares your commitment to being green. The Hartford -- ranked by Newsweek as the "#1 Greenest Financial Services Company" for two consecutive years -- offers auto and homeowners insurance protection to Sierra Club members and supporters that rewards your green lifestyle. Features include special rates, discounts for hybrid and electric cars, as well as home coverage options to rebuild with eco-friendly materials.

Learn more and request a free online auto quote, or call The Hartford for a free quote at 888-584-5099.

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