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Tell the PSC to responsibly retire the Dunkirk and Cayuga coal plants, replacing them with clean energy 

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The Public Service Commission (PSC) and Governor Cuomo are about to let your electric bill increase to pay for expensive and unnecessary gas power plants and pipelines.

Only your voice can stop them. And the clock is ticking. You have only one more week to add your voice to the growing chorus: Stand up to say "no way, no how to a gas future for New York State."

Tell the PSC to responsibly retire the Dunkirk and Cayuga coal plants, replacing them with clean energy, not more gas.

The PSC has received overwhelming evidence that the Cayuga and Dunkirk dirty and uneconomical coal plants should come offline, but industry lobbyists and industry-funded politicians are telling the Commission to raise your energy bill to convert the plants to another dirty fuel that we don’t need.

August 16 is the last day for the public to comment on the choice between unnecessary and expensive gas conversions or cost effective transmission alternatives that will eliminate the need for these plants. The gas options may cost bill-payers close to a billion dollars, will subject us to decades of volatile electric prices, and will create an enduring gas infrastructure.

Investing in our transmission grid, by contrast, will protect working families and businesses by ensuring reliability. They are also better for the environment, and can pave the way for renewable energy.

Tell Governor Cuomo to direct the Public Service Commission to protect bill-payers and communities by rejecting the unnecessary and expensive gas repowering.

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Jennifer Tuttle
New York Beyond Coal
Sierra Club

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