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ICO is Helping Refugees Thrive in America ICO is Helping Refugees Thrive in America

Sierra Club's Tuscon Inner City Outings group is changing lives. One of 52 ICO groups across the country, Tuscon's volunteers give their time, sweat, and brilliance, to facilitate exciting learning and exploring opportunities for hundreds of youth each year. ICO volunteers work with a broad range of partner agencies to empower youth, and communities with limited opportunities to explore and enjoy the natural world, to get outdoors. Tuscon ICO partners with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an organization working to provide refugees with opportunities to thrive in America. Refugees Prayash Sangraula, originally from Nepal, and Asha Adam, from Sudan, recently joined ICO volunteer Andrew Jenkins for a television interview to share their experiences getting outdoors with ICO. Check it out.

Did you know that ICO volunteers across the country also recently won a Community Leadership Award from the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition?

Military Families and Veterans, BLM Wants You to Get Outdoors Military Families and Veterans, BLM Wants You to Get Outdoors

Earlier this month, Sierra Club signed an agreement with the Bureau of Land Management to advance opportunities for veterans and military families to explore and enjoy our public lands. The Memorandum of Understanding will enable Sierra Club to work closely with BLM on programs, training and recreational activities for veterans and military families.

"It's essential that we give back to our nation's heroes who protected our country in uniform," said Joshua Brandon, Military Organizer for Sierra Club Outdoors. "The Sierra Club is well versed in the healing powers of time spent in the outdoors, and our growing partnership with the Bureau of Land Management ensures greater access for veterans and their families to explore and enjoy the public lands they risked their lives protecting."

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photo credit: Derrick Henry, BLM

Tell Congress: Give K-12 public school students an environmental education Tell Congress: Give K-12 Public School Students an Environmental Education

Tell Congress to increase environmental education and outdoor learning opportunities for public school students across the nation. Our K-12 students need your support to make sure they have opportunities to learn about the natural world, get outdoors and develop a foundation for success in the green economy. American students are lagging behind their international peers. Outdoor learning and environmental education have been shown to improve academic performance across subject areas and increase overall interest in learning among students.

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Tell Congress to support the No Child Left Inside Act of 2013 to prepare today's students to tackle tomorrow's environmental challenges and compete in the green economy.

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Learn more in this Huffington Post blog, Environmental Education Bridges the Partisan Divide in Congress.

Caution: This River Will Change You Caution: This River Will Change You

Mel Mac Innis has been rafting with Sierra Club's community outreach program, Inner City Outings for 19 years. She has "seen many a river. On occasion, I'm asked if I ever get tired of the river or the other rafters; the answer is categorically no. River people know that rivers are never the same, and people (even river rats) always change after running one. I found such transformations abundant on a recent ICO trip on the Lower Klamath River in Northern California with eight teenage boys and their two adult chaperones from Hanna Boys Center."

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