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August 20, 2013 Here's what schools needed to do right to get into our top 10 list: everything. Check out Sierra magazine's seventh annual ranking of the nation's greenest universities to find out whether your school made the grade. Share on Google+ Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends
America's 10 Coolest Schools America's 10 Coolest Schools

Here's what schools needed to do right to get into our top 10 list: everything. Check out Sierra magazine's seventh annual ranking of the nation's greenest universities to find out whether your school made the grade.

Is your alma mater on our list?

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Do Green Schools Matter? Do Green Schools Matter?

Sierra's seventh annual Cool Schools issue explores the value of a green education, both inside the classroom and beyond the ivory tower. We've got a little something for everyone: green scholarship opportunities, heartwarming stories about life-changing teachers and classes, details on exciting new on-campus activist movements, and reports on educational programs that lead directly to green jobs.

Do you have a story to share about your school's eco-cred? Tell us in the comments.

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Like Live Music? Help The Sierra Club Foundation Win $75,000! Like Live Music? Help The Sierra Club Foundation Win $75,000!

The Sierra Club Foundation is joining forces with Lost actor Ian Somerhalder for a five-week online fundraising challenge called #StartARyot. The Foundation has its eyes on the top prize of $75,000 and every $1 you can give will help them bring it home. Plus, you could win cool prizes including VIP tickets to see Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and others at the Global Citizen Concert in Central Park. What better incentive to support the Foundation's efforts to protect the planet?

Take the challenge -- every dollar counts!

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DIY: Book --> Bookshelf DIY: Book --> Bookshelf

Moved on to an e-reader? Have too many old books piling up? Need a unique way to decorate your dorm room? Turn an old tome into a stylish bookshelf. Best of all? This craft doesn't harm the book, so you can still reread your favorite stories.

Check out our easy, step-by-step instructions to make it yourself!

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50 Fresh Trips for 2014

Cross a few items off your bucket list on a journey to some of the most charismatic destinations on Earth, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and right here in the States.

Hike among active volcanoes and ancient Buddhist trails in Japan; savor stunning landscapes and delicious food in southern Italy; search for exciting birds in the highlands and lowlands of Ecuador; or choose from a number of trips closer to home including ski/snowshoe/dogsled, canoe/kayak, and service.

Looking for more like this, or something else entirely? Visit to find the perfect trip.

Protect Our Public Lands from Fracking Protect Our Public Lands from Fracking

Surrounded by oil and gas operations in North Dakota's Bakken shale, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is plagued by drilling just beyond its borders. As you approach the park, it's impossible to escape the signs of fracking -- roads destroyed by truck traffic to fracking wells, retention ponds filled with mystery fluids, and flares from drilling rigs lighting the once-dark night sky.

When President Roosevelt encountered destruction like this, he was moved to protect these special places. Now the torch is passed to us. Help protect our national parks from the dangers of fracking -- we have only three days left until this comment period ends!

4 Surprising Tent Designs Enjoy
4 Surprising Tent Designs

Want to ditch those tent poles? Suspend your shelter from the trees? Bike to your campsite? Not "carry" a tent at all?

Check out these ingenious tent alternatives for your next outdoor adventure.

Photo courtesy of Eric Sakalowsky

Best Internship on Earth Is Camping a White Person Thing?

Our intrepid interns, Izzy and Daniel, recently explored one of the most fascinating competitions for college students: the solar decathlon.

Then they hustled off to Chicago to hang out with Outdoor Nation folks and ask the question, "Is camping a white person thing?"

Protect Bryce Canyon from Stripmining Protect
Protect Bryce Canyon from Stripmining

Bryce Canyon National Park and the surrounding southern Utah landscape are natural -- and national -- treasures. But Alton Coal wants to expand its operations in the area and stripmine private land just 10 miles from the national park. Last year the Sierra Club and our allies submitted nearly a quarter-million comments to the BLM opposing the Alton Coal Mine expansion. But we need to keep the pressure on. We can't risk the pristine night sky, the local recreation economy, the amazing vistas, or the wildlife habitat near the park that would be jeopardized by the proposed expansion.

Send a message to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell telling her to deny the Alton Coal Mine expansion.

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