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You helped us rescue $1.2 million in state funds… but we're not out of the woods yet.

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You've seen the specialty license plates. You may even have one. But do you know where the funds from these state license plate sales actually go?

People buy specialty license plates like these in the belief that their funds will support Texas wildlife and state parks. But until the 2013 session, the funds raised – over $1.2 million every two years from the four Texas Parks and Wildlife Department plates – were considered fair game for appropriation by the state.

Thanks to you, that's no longer true.

With your backing, the Sierra Club initiated legislation that now ensures that all funds generated by the sale of these license plates will go to support Texas state parks and wildlife as intended.

By securing these base funds, over 1,000 non-game species in Texas are assured a more stable Wildlife Diversity Program in the future.

But we're not out of the woods yet.

Your membership donations helped us secure these vital funds, but there's much more we have to do. The Texas legislative session is over, but our work with legislators and Texas agencies like the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department continues.

That's why we're asking for you to donate today. With your gift we can continue our work:

  • to implement strong water conservation programs throughout Texas;
  • to combat climate disruption caused by fossil fuels; and
  • at the legislature to identify additional funding sources for the Wildlife Diversity Program.

By donating to support the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter, you become the voice for wildlife and our environment throughout Texas.

The Sierra Club is the single most powerful and effective voice for Texas wildlife. But we need your help to succeed!

Scheleen Walker


Scheleen Walker

 Scheleen Walker
 Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter

P.S. Want to know more about the campaign to protect the Wildlife Diversity Program? Read about it on our site!

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