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Dirty oil and gas drilling and fracking are expanding -- polluting the air, water, and nearby landscapes of communities across the country. Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends

Take Action: Protect Wildlife from Keystone Take Action: Protect Wildlife from Keystone

Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline are actually claiming that the pipeline would be good for wildlife, because animals will "snuggle" beneath it for warmth! It couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the U.S. Department of Interior recently warned that KXL would result in "permanent impacts" on wildlife, including habitat loss and danger to several endangered species.

But a flawed State Department environmental report -- which was written by a dues-paying member of the American Petroleum Institute -- predictably downplays the significant environmental impacts KXL would have.

Take Action
Tell Secretary of State Kerry: Fix your report to reflect the truth -- Keystone XL would significantly harm wildlife!

Photo by Larry Allan

Take Action: They Did What We Said They'd Do Take Action: They Did What We Said They'd Do

Last month thousands asked their senators to keep amendments supporting dirty-fuels off of the Shaheen-Portman bill, a commonsense, bipartisan measure that would spur innovation in energy efficiency technologies for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. But some senators didn't listen!

Now they've added amendments that would approve Keystone XL and block measures to fight climate disruption.

Take Action
Tell them again -- take the dirty amendments out of the Senate's energy efficiency bill!

Grassroots Activism: Labor Day with Enviros and Labor Groups Grassroots Activism: Labor Day with Enviros and Labor Groups

This Labor Day, the Sierra Club celebrates working people -- and the growing unity of the labor and environmental movements in our quest for genuine democracy and justice for all.

Learn more in Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune's blog.

September Is National Wilderness Month September Is National Wilderness Month

Our Wild America Senior Campaign Manager Dan Ritzman recently spent time in Washington State enjoying the Wild Sky Wilderness Area --- a region that received permanent protection only five years ago.

"September marks National Wilderness Month, a time to get out there and enjoy the many wild areas of our great nation," says Dan. "It's also a time to remember that to leave a robust wild legacy for our children, we must significantly increase the amount of public lands and waters that are permanently protected as national monuments and wilderness.

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