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Explore 2013 population trends through interactive graphics in Population Reference Bureau's new World Population Data Sheet. Share this page on Twitter Share this page with other services

World Population Data - in Graphics! World Population Data - in Graphics!

Explore 2013 population trends through interactive graphics in Population Reference Bureau's new World Population Data Sheet. Discover growth projections for the developed and developing world, compare fertility rates and life expectancy, and see which countries have the greatest wealth disparities.

Want to dig deeper? Click here for the full 20-page data sheet.

Candidate Question on Population Candidate Question on Population

When candidates are asked about their environmental positions on this year's Sierra Club national political questionnaire, unfortunately their views on population and family planning won't be raised. Do you want to make sure this question is included on your local questionnaire?

With approval from the national political staff, chapters that want to add an additional "local" question may do so, provided that the question is consistent with the Club's conservation policies. We encourage volunteers nationwide to push for the inclusion of a family planning/population question, an important component of any candidate's environmental and health agenda. Please email if you're interested in including this addition.

Youth Engagement Youth Engagement

As summer comes to a close, the Global Population and Environment Program has been busy engaging young people around the issues of population and reproductive health as they link to climate and the environment. From presentations to Camp Tel Yehuda high schoolers to a film screening at Boston University, we are working to build the next generation of environmentalists who understand the important connections between family planning, health, and sustainable development.

This weekend, we will continue this work as we train 30 activists in Washington, D.C. and develop campaign plans to spread our message to communities across the U.S. and the world.

Highlighting Population Activists Highlighting Population Activists

Motherlode Chapter Population Activist Elaine Gorman sent a letter to the editor (LTE), published in the Sonora Union Democrat. It highlights the effects of a growing population on Yosemite National Park, but also reinforces the importance of education, empowerment, and voluntary family planning in slowing growth around the world. The LTE could easily be personalized and adapted for your local community -- we encourage you to tweak and submit!

Have you been active on population, reproductive health, and environment issues in your community? Tell us about it and we might feature you in our next PopNews!

New Materials! New Materials!

Have you seen the Global Population and Environment Program condoms? We've now turned our slogan into a button! We would be happy to send you some upon request.

Please email indicating how many you would like and a preferred mailing address.

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