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October 15, 2013 The Sierra Club's campaign to move America beyond coal hit a major milestone last week with the announcement that yet another ageing, polluting coal plant will be retired -- the 150th dirty coal plant to be shuttered or scheduled for retirement since 2010.
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150 Coal Plants Retired 150 Down...

The Sierra Club's campaign to move America beyond coal hit a major milestone last week with the announcement that yet another aging, polluting coal plant will be retired -- the 150th dirty coal plant to be shuttered or scheduled for retirement since 2010.

Find out where it happened, and watch a video recorded specially for the Sierra Club by indie rock group Nico Vega.

Enough is Enough Enough is Enough

Last week, a wheat farmer in North Dakota discovered 865,200 gallons of fracked crude oil gushing into his field from a ruptured oil pipeline. This all-too-familiar scenario is just the latest example of the environmental and economic dangers posed by oil pipelines.

Enough is enough! Tell President Obama that only he can prevent a future Keystone XL oil spill.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael BruneA Game Without Winners

An estimated 800,000 furloughed workers; nearly 400,000 first-time unemployment claims; national park closures; delays in implementing live-saving EPA clean-air standards… these are just a few of the hardships and affronts inflicted on our country by the federal government shutdown.

"The mentality that brought on this debt crisis is the same one that exacerbates the climate crisis," says Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. "Only by restoring our democracy will we be free to tackle the real challenges of this century."

Keep Our National Parks Open Whose Lands Are These, Anyway?

The government shutdown is preventing Americans and foreign visitors alike from enjoying our federal lands, and the closure of national parks is hurting local economies. Sierra Club outings, too, are taking a hit. Hiking trips, canoe trips, and service trips to national parks, national forest, and national scenic waterways, led by dedicated volunteers… all canceled.

Read more in our Lay of the Land blog, and take action to help reopen our public lands.

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National Vegetarian Month You'll Smell Better: 7 Unusual Reasons to Go Vegetarian

Do vegetarians smell better? We all know the environmental benefits of a meat-free or meat-reduced lifestyle, but a green diet may affect more than the planet's health.

To celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month, we found seven surprising reasons to eat your veggies.

Clean Water Act Turns 41 Clean Water Act Turns 41

October 18 is the 41st anniversary of the Clean Water Act, which has kept tens of billions of pounds of sewage, chemicals, and trash out of our nation's waterways. Still, one-third of America's waterways remain polluted, and climate disruption is expected to make water-related problems worse.

Join us in helping keep America's waters clean.

Sierra Club Outings Explore
Grand New Trips in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Lower 48

Go adventuring amid the high valleys, massive glaciers, and abundant wildlife of Alaska and Arctic Canada. Soak up lush landscapes, cool ocean breezes, and friendly culture in Hawaii and the American Caribbean. Or select from over 100 other excursions in the lower 48 states and around the world.

Cruise among tidewater glaciers and marine wildlife in Alaska's Glacier Bay, assist with bird habitat restoration on the tallest mountain in Hawaii, kayak on rivers, creeks, bays, marshes, and swamps along Virginia's historic coast, or backpack a seldom-visited high-desert wilderness in Arizona's Navajo Indian Reservation.

All this and much more awaits at

Sludge or Fudge? Sludge or Fudge Quiz

Which is it: molten, delicious fudge or toxic coal byproduct? You be the judge! Test your gut instinct -- and your sweet tooth -- take the Sierra Club's new Sludge or Fudge?! quiz and see just how different toxic coal sludge and chocolate fudge really are.

If you answer all five questions, the Sierra Club Foundation will get a $1 boost from a generous anonymous donor.

Power Shift Power Shift Beyond Tar Sands

This Sunday, October 20th, international climate leaders will come together to discuss the future of the tar sands fight and how Keystone XL will be won. Join thousands around the country as we tune in to hear Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune, founder Bill McKibben, Indigenous Environmental Network activist Crystal Lameman, and other special guests discuss the next steps in this groundbreaking campaign, and how together we can power beyond tar sands this fall.

It will all be broadcast live online from Power Shift 2013 -- don't miss out!

DI Y Greenhouse Enjoy
Easy DIY Greenhouse

Extend your growing season into colder months by constructing a DIY hoop house, which can be made cheaply in just a few hours.

Follow our step-by-step greenhouse instructions and watch your garden thrive.

How to Survive a Shark Attack How to Survive a Shark Attack

Surfer Scott Stephens was enjoying a pleasant day on the waves... until a shark mistook him for food.

We asked an artist to re-create Stephens' harrowing real-life adventure and asked an expert whether or not this surfer's instincts served him well.

Illustration: Koren Shadmi

SXSW Eco SXSW Eco Wrap

South by Southwest Eco, an annual meeting of movers, shakers, and thinkers held in Austin, Texas, and cosponsored by the Sierra Club, brings together activists, academics, innovators, business and non-profit leaders, and decision-makers to brainstorm solutions to the challenges facing the environment, the economy, and civil society.

Find out what went down at SXSW Eco 2013.

11th Hour for Wolves Protect
11th Hour for Wolves

Gray wolves are icons of America's wild spirit, but for years they were hunted -- almost to extinction. The Endangered Species act pulled wolves back from the brink, and now they're making a comeback from the Cascades to Michigan's North Woods.

But the Obama administration is on the verge of taking gray wolves off the Endangered Species Act, which would put their recovery at risk. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is taking comments on this until October 28.

Stand up for wolves now!

SCGH Continues to Green the World

SCGH -- formerly Sierra Club Green Home -- continues to offer green tips for consumers and businesses. Please read the news and visit the new website.

Host Orli Cotel Sierra Club Radio
1. Tara Smith talks with us about her journey from the boardroom to the barnyard - leaving the corporate life to start a sustainable farm.
2. Sierra magazine's Avital Andrews shares tips for green back-to-school products.

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