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Tell the EPA: Save our bees and crops! Ban toxic pesticides!

Take action!
Take action!

Dear Friend,

Disaster struck for Mark, a Minneapolis beekeeper last month. His precious backyard bees were spilling out of their hive "like they're drunk" and falling to the ground dead -- victims of toxic agricultural pesticide. [1]

A quarter of everything we eat -- from apples to onions -- depends on pollination. [2] But now, Mark and fellow beekeepers from around the world are reporting a pandemic of the worst bee population collapses ever recorded.

While you and I know chemical-giant Bayer for aspirin and alka seltzer, their toxic agricultural pesticides are unfortunately linked to this unprecedented bee die-off. [3] The EPA has the power to ban the pesticides, but so far has bowed to pressure from Bayer. [4] Our nation's food supply is at risk -- it's time for the SierraRise community to step in and speak out!

Over 1 million people have stood up for the health of our bees and our food -- will you join them? [5]

The EPA has the power to protect our bees and our food supply. Let's send 50,000 more letters by Tuesday, demanding they ban Bayer's toxic pesticide!

The same story of shocking bee die-off -- called Colony Collapse Disorder -- has been heard all over the country.

Bret Adee, whose family owns Adee Honey Farms of South Dakota, the nation's largest beekeeper, described mounting losses. "We lost 42 percent over the winter. But by the time we came around to pollinate almonds, it was a 55 percent loss," he said in an interview. [6] This isn't just bad for our nation's food supply -- it's also crippling family businesses like Bret's and the local economies. 

Independent, unbiased studies have linked Bayer's pesticides to colony collapse -- when picked up by bees, the chemical can act like a nerve agent, compromising a bee's ability to feed and make its way back to the hive. [7] It's no wonder the European Union just adopted a continent-wide ban on these toxic chemicals. It's time we do the same![8]

The EPA continues to dither while Bayer peddles its toxins and puts our nation's crops at risk. Not on our watch -- together, we are more powerful than any chemical company. Make sure the EPA knows where you stand.

The safety of our food supply is at risk. Demand the EPA stands up to big chemical companies like Bayer and bans bee-killing pesticides!

In it together,

Ashley Allison
SierraRise Senior Campaigner

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