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Volume VI, #86
October 23, 2007

What happens in the Arctic actually does not stay in the Arctic.

-- Richard Spinrad, assistant administrator for oceanic and atmospheric research at NOAA, on climate changes occurring in the Arctic.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Demand Clean Energy!
2) Take ActionSave Our Cypress!
3) Victory: Kansas Coal Plant Rejected because of Global Warming
4) Nuclear Energy: No Nukes Musicians Go to Washington

1) Take Action: Demand Clean Energy!
While House and Senate leadership works out the details of an energy bill, you can still make a difference by making sure they include necessary provisions that will jumpstart a clean energy future and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs!

Put in a call to your Representative and demand that they include language in the bill that will make our cars go farther on a gallon of gas and invest in renewable sources of energy to meet our needs. By improving national fuel economy standards and implementing a national renewable electricity standard, we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and slash global warming pollution.

There's still time to demand clean energy.

2) Take Action: Save Our Cypress!
Our Cypress forests provide valuable habitat for wildlife and help improve water quality, but they also provide much needed hurricane protection along the coast. Unfortunately these valuable forests are being ground up for garden mulch. Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe's have taken the first steps to saving our Cypress. Now it's time for them to stand tall and walk the talk of their sustainable forest policies by taking the next step -- halting the sale of cypress mulch until a valid independent certification process is in place to protect our forests.

Congratulate these companies for their work so far and urge them to truly be leaders in the fight to save our cypress!

3) Victory: Kansas Coal Plant Rejected because of Global Warming
In a huge victory, Kansas rejected a massive new coal-fired power plant, citing concerns that the global warming pollution from the proposed plant would threaten public health and the environment. This landmark decision was followed Monday by a report from an international panel of scientists which found that new coal plants were the "single greatest challenge" to effectively fighting global warming. Scientists tell us that we need to reduce our global warming emissions 80% by 2050 -- a do-able 2% a year. But as scientists and public health officials across the country and around the world are realizing, we cannot meet that goal if we continue to build new coal-fired plants.

Learn more about the Sierra Club's efforts to fight dirty coal and promote smarter alternatives.

4) Nuclear Energy: No Nukes Musicians Go to Washington
Today, a group of musicians, including Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash came to D.C. to deliver a petition challenging the nuclear power bailout written into the energy bill. The petition, signed by over 100,000 Americans urges Congress to remove the massively expensive loan guarantees for building new nuclear reactors across the country. The musicians were joined on Capitol Hill by a number of environmental groups, including Sierra Club, represented by Dave Hamilton, Director of Global Warming and Energy Programs, who voiced their support for the safer energy alternatives included in the energy bill.

See a video of the event and add your voice to the No Nuke song.


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