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October 29, 2013 One year ago this week Hurricane Sandy, fueled by climate disruption, slammed into the Eastern Seaboard. 
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Hurricane Sandy Anniversary One Year Ago This Week...

...Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Eastern Seaboard -- part of a new pattern of extreme weather events. The storm killed hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of homes. We've come a long way in the year since Sandy -- tourism on the Jersey Shore is starting to pick up again and clean-energy technologies like wind and solar are growing exponentially across the country.

But as Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune writes, we need to do more, starting with curbing pollution from new power plants.

Photo © 2012 Julie Dermansky, courtesy Sierra Club Library. 

5 Most Dangerous Hiking Mistakes The 5 Most Dangerous Hiking Mistakes

Even experienced hikers sometimes make errors with serious consequences. We asked safety experts to tell us the most common mistakes hikers make on the trail and to share tips for staying safe.

Find out what they had to say.

Puerto Rico activist Jorge Rivera-HerreraPuerto Rico Sierra Clubber Honored

Puerto Rico Sierra Club activist Luis Jorge Rivera-Herrera has received an Environmental Award from Condé Nast Traveler, recognizing his role in protecting Puerto Rico's Northeast Ecological Corridor. Widely considered the island's crown jewel, the Corridor was threatened with large-scale resort development until it was designated a nature preserve earlier this year -- thanks in large part to Luis Jorge.

Read more about this extraordinary activist's work to protect La Isla Del Encanto.

Bee Bad Buzz for Bees

A quarter of everything we eat depends on pollination, but beekeepers from around the world are reporting a pandemic of the worst bee-population collapses ever recorded. Chemical giant Bayer is known for aspirin, but its toxic agricultural pesticides are linked to this unprecedented bee die-off. The EPA has the power to protect our bees and our food by banning the pesticides, but so far the agency has bowed to pressure from Bayer.

Over 1 million people have stood up for the health of our bees and our food. Will you join them? Tell the EPA to ban toxic pesticides and save our bees and our crops.

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Powershift 2013 Taking On the Zombies at Power Shift

"Fossil fuel companies are like zombies from the apocalypse," Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune told thousands of cheering activists in Pittsburgh last week at Power Shift, the annual youth summit focused on climate change policy. "They don't know they're already dead. We're living in the middle of a clean-energy revolution. Renewables are going head-to-head with fossil fuels -- and they're winning."

Hear more of what Brune had to say in this video.

Sierra Club Outings Explore
Around the World in 80 Ways

Need a break from the usual trails? Our international journeys may be just what you need. From "best of" sampler trips to special-interest activities like wildlife viewing and extended trekking, we've got a unique and action-packed outing waiting for you. 

Search for magnificent wildlife and behold the glorious Victoria Falls in South Africa and Zimbabwe; stroll through ripening vineyards and charming villages in Tuscany and Umbria, Italy; or trek the ultimate Everest circuit past desolate lakes and over 17,000-foot passes in Nepal.

All this and plenty more awaits at Sierra Club Outings.

Solar panels 1,000 New Solar Homes

Last week the Sierra Club and its solar home partner Sungevity reached a clean-energy milestone when the 1,000th rooftop solar array was installed as part of the Club's Solar Homes Program. The program makes it easy for homeowners to go solar, save money, and curb carbon pollution.

Read more and join the solar revolution!

Ask Mr. Green Ask Mr. Green

Are plastic food containers too toxic to reuse? Want to throw an eco-friendly kegger? How do you convince your neighbor to go green? Which cars are easiest on the environment? The Sierra Club's attitudinal advice columnist, Mr. Green, can give you the answers. No subject is too challenging, wonky, lame, or otherwise unwelcome.

Got a question? Ask Mr. Green!

President Obama No Deals on Keystone

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently told President Obama he would set climate goals in Canada in exchange for approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. But expanding the tar sands would make it impossible to meet the climate goals Canada has already set, let alone new ones.

Tell President Obama: No deals on Keystone XL!

Halloween Enjoy
Green Your Halloween

Want to make your own eco-friendly costumes with recycled materials? Decorate spookily and sustainably? Supply your youngsters with trick-or-treat bags that won't get used just once? Avoid terrifying food additives in your party treats?

Check out our tips for keeping your Halloween green.

Holiday cards Sierra Club Holiday Cards

Our online store currently has a great selection of new designs and customer favorites. But don't delay! The most popular cards and boxed assortments sell out quickly every year.

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Protect Our Water Protect
Protect All Our Nation's Waters

The Clean Water Act is supposed to protect all of our nation's waters from pollution. But many of our most important waterways remain unprotected, thanks to Bush administration policies and two split Supreme Court decisions. The good news is that we have a chance to change that. The EPA is considering new rules that would protect over 20 million acres of wetlands, 2 million miles of streams, and drinking water for over 117 million Americans.

Tell the EPA to protect all of our nation's waters!

Move Asheville Beyond Coal Asheville, NC, Moves Beyond Coal

Last week the city council in Asheville, NC, voted unanimously to move the city off coal-fired electricity. Duke Energy's coal plant in Asheville is the largest source of carbon pollution in western North Carolina, and the city will now work with Duke to phase out the use of coal there. Asheville joins Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and a growing number of other cities transitioning to clean energy.

Read more and watch a video of the Sierra Club rally that helped move Asheville beyond coal.

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