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October 30, 2007: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Flip the Switch and Host a House Party
  • Apollo to the People
  • Vote for the Scariest Threat to the Planet
  • Protecting Communities from Fires
  • Surfers for the Environment!
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    Party Now and We'll Celebrate Later
    First of all, thank you! More than 100,000 Insider subscribers have helped get us where we are today -- very close to passing an energy bill that will actually move us into a clean energy future and help solve global warming. You've signed petitions and faxed, called, e-mailed, and snail-mailed your Senators and Representatives.

    Now we're asking you to host a house party.

    Scuttlebutt is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid want the vote on this energy bill to happen by November 16th -- that's when Congress leaves for its Thanksgiving break. So we're asking you to host a party on November 8th or 14th for your family and neighbors. Together you can watch a short documentary (Kilowatt Ours) about electricity, coal generation, and its true costs (sign up now and we'll send you a free DVD of the movie; or you can watch it on-line). Then you and your guests will call some friends and neighbors to ask them to call their representatives on Capitol Hill. (To make this easy, we've put together a complete tool kit you can download).
    After so many years playing defense, we finally have the opportunity to throw long -- to pass an energy bill that raises miles per gallon standards for the first time in 30 years -- to 35 mpg -- and that will require that 15 percent of our energy be generated by renewable fuels like solar and wind power.

    With your help, we can flip the switch on a clean energy future now.

    Host a clean energy house party.

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    Jay Inslee: Live on the Apollo
    One member of Congress who's ready to flip the switch for clean energy is Washington Representative Jay Inslee. Rep. Inslee has championed an initiative in Congress called the New Apollo Energy Project, which is designed to marshal the resources of the federal government to support the development, manufacture, and deployment of new clean energy technologies.

    Together with coauthor Bracken Hendricks of the Center for American Progress, he has just published Apollo's Fire: Igniting America's Clean Energy Economy, a book that offers, as none other than Sir Richard Branson says, "the compelling, bold vision in energy the world needs to beat global warming."

    Congressman Inslee is currently on a book tour -- so if you'd like to hear firsthand about real solutions, find out whether he's appearing near you.

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    Scary Monsters
    Thank goodness for Halloween -- the one day of the year when getting scared is all just in good fun. But no tramping trick-or-treater or cleverly costumed coworker can compete with certain threats to our planet when it comes to real scariness. Usually, we prefer to concentrate on how to make the planet better -- but in honor of Halloween, we bring you five monsters that give us the heebie jeebies.

    Which one would you least like to find hiding under your bed?

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    The Fires This Time
    The terrible fires in Southern California produced the usual misguided finger-pointing at environmentalists (see Carl Pope's blog for more on that), but this time around the winds and drought that helped fuel the conflagration have also focussed attention on the possible role of climate change. As columnist Bonnie Erbe wrote this week: "Remember Greece's aberrational forest fires in June? Remember Texas' record floods? Have you lived through, as I have, the mid-Atlantic's devastating and costly drought this summer, or this summer's Southwestern U.S. drought?

    "None of these bizarre weather events, nor the California wildfires, can be pinned specifically on climate change. But the more weather 'acts up' the more we have to wonder what's going on."

    Erbe isn't the only one wondering: Representative Edward Markey, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming, sent this letter to his colleagues. The committee will hold a hearing this week on "Wildfires and the Climate Crisis."

    In the meantime, the Sierra Club continues to call for a responsible forest protection and restoration policy that puts the safety of communities first.

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    Making Waves
    Remember when the California Coastal Commission voted unanimously to turn down a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal off the Santa Barbara coast? How about that ambitious on-line photo documentation of California's coastline -- aimed at preserving it from development?

    Sierra Club California Coastal Program Director (and surfer) Mark Massara is the man to thank for both.

    Check his story out in Scrapbook

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    Looking Beyond Corn
    Iowa is the epicenter for America's biofuel boom, and the Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute have jointly issued a report, Destination Iowa, on what that means for our energy future.

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    Ready for His Close-up
    Our pal Stinky's a star. His "Big Fun with Global Warming" is nominated for an Emmy!

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    Cypress Trees Need Our Help
    Louisiana needs its cypress swamps for storm protection.

    Take action now to help ensure essential cypress trees aren't logged for mulch.


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