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Volume VI, #87
October 30, 2007

It’s hard for me to know if it’s just ideological or she is just expressing the wishes of the administration. Either way it comes to the same conclusion and that is that they say they want more resources, but they are very reluctant to accept those resources.

-- Senator Pryor (D-AR) who heads the consumer affairs subcommittee, on the Consumer Product Saftey Commission’s objections to strengthening the agency.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Trick or Treat? Speak Up for Our Energy Future!
2) Take ActionSave Our Streams
3) Lead: Head of Consumer Product Safety Commission Rejects Help
4) Energy: Party Now and We'll Celebrate Later

1) Take Action: Trick or Treat? Speak Up for Our Energy Future!
This Halloween, tell Congress that you want a treat, not tricks -- real solutions to our energy challenges.

Take action and urge your members of Congress to support the Senate-passed fuel economy standards and the House-passed renewable electricity standard and lands protection language in the final energy bill this fall.

Global warming is a scary thing, but your members of congress have the power to curb it! 

2) Take Action: Protect Our Streams!
Sunbeam StreamA new rule proposed by the Office of Surface Mining would repeal the "stream buffer zone rule" rather than enforce its protections. The proposal would remove one of the few remaining protections for streams, opening the way for Big Coal companies to mine next to or through streams, despite the serious risks mining poses to stream and fish health and drinking water sources. This rule would expressly allow and encourage the most dangerous and destructive mountaintop removal mining activities.

Tell the Office of Surface Mining to protect our streams by enforcing the stream buffer zone rule, not repealing it!

3) Lead: Head of Consumer Product Safety Commission Rejects Help
In the last two months millions of toys have been recalled after they were found to contain dangerous levels of lead. A declining budget, short staffing and a lack of authority have hampered efforts by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to keep lead out of children's products.

Yet, now that Congress is poised to pass legislation giving the Commission the resources it needs to ramp up its efforts, the head of the Commission is rejecting the help. Commission chairwoman, Nancy Nord is also opposing provisions to make reports of dangerous products public, protect industry whistleblowers and prosecute company executives who willfully violate the laws.

Find out what you can do to protect your kids from lead-poisoning until the federal government takes action.

4) Energy: Party Now and We'll Celebrate Later
We are now very close to passing an energy bill that will actually move us into a clean energy future and help solve global warming. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid want the vote on this energy bill to happen by November 16th -- that's when Congress leaves for its Thanksgiving Break.

So we're asking you to host a party on November 8th or November 14th for your family and neighbors.

Together you can watch a short documentary (Kilowatt Ours) about electricity, coal generation, and its true costs (sign up now and we'll send you a free DVD; or, you can watch it on-line). Then you and your guests will call some friends and neighbors to ask them to call their representatives on Capitol Hill. (To make this easy, we've put together a complete tool kit you can download).

With your help, we can flip the switch on a clean energy future now.

Host a clean energy house party.


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