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Population Activist Training Population Activist Training

The Spring Activist Training and Fellowship is scheduled for February 8-9, 2014, prior to the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference in Washington, D.C. Join us for the weekend to learn more about the intersections between population, health, and the environment; to meet researchers and change-makers in the field; and to gain tools to help you return to your community with ideas for advocacy and action.

The application, which is due by January 3, 2014, is available here.

GPEP in Arkansas

GPEP in Arkansas

Jodi Nimmo, a recent GPEP activist trainee and engaged Sierra Club volunteer, organized two events in her community of Fayetteville, Arkansas this fall. Along with professors from the University of Arkansas and a PhD candidate, Program Assistant Naomi Brodkey spoke to an enthusiastic group of Sierra Club volunteers and U of A students about the intersections between population, health, and the environment.

Population and Biodiversity Population and Biodiversity

What's the connection between population and biodiversity loss, and how is voluntary family planning part of the solution? Kathleen Mogelgaard's New Security Beat blog answers these questions and more -- highlighting new research by Jeffrey McKee and linking the work to the post-2015 development agenda.

As Mogelgaard explains, "Ensuring that women are empowered to determine the number, timing, and spacing of their children is an important goal in its own right and, as this new evidence demonstrates, it could also help halt historically high rates of biodiversity loss."

You can read more here.

Postcard Activists Postcard Activists

GPEP has new activist postcards advocating for $1 billion toward international family planning. Activists can sign the card and return to GPEP to be delivered to congressional offices.

Email to get your packet of cards to have activists sign at events!

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