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December 10, 2013 What do mist-shrouded fjords in Alaska, desert mesas and canyons in Utah, and a towering volcano in Washington State have in common? Share on Google+ Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends
It's Time to Protect Our Wild Places It's Time to Protect Our Wild Places

What do mist-shrouded fjords in Alaska, desert mesas and canyons in Utah, and a towering volcano in Washington State have in common? They were all protected as national monuments by a U.S. president, ensuring that their legacy will be enjoyed by generations to come. President Obama has stepped up and designated nine new national monuments during his nearly five years in office. But with Congress mired in gridlock, the president's power to establish national monuments has become more important than ever.

Let's tell President Obama that we're ready to see him do what Congress won't: Protect these wild places before they're gone forever.

Tree House Trunk Show< Tree House Trunk Show

Flying saucer, geodesic dome, turreted castle, invisible cube, skull-shaped bird's nest built out of invasive plants -- tree house forms are really branching out. Sierra gives you a bird's-eye view on how top international architects and self-taught carpenters are helping us live the high life in the trees.

Check out a new generation of tree houses.

Photo by TreeHouse Creations

Icing Down Icing Down

When he came home from Baghdad with a head full of guilt and gruesome memories, Demond Mullins felt enraged. Nine years later, he wields a pair of ice tools -- and finds unexpected calm in Montana's snowy wilderness.

Learn how this veteran has found tranquility in an adrenaline sport.

Photo by Thomas Lee

2014 Trips Are (Nearly) Here! Explore
2014 Trips Are (Nearly) Here!

Ready to start thinking about next year's vacation plans? We sure are. And in just a few days, we'll announce our full 2014 lineup, featuring over 300 trips in the Lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii, and around the globe. Choose from lodge-based family trips, wilderness backpacking, volunteer vacations, water sports, and plenty more.

All 300+ trips will start taking reservations this Friday, December 13, at 8:30 a.m. PST. Want to be the first to know? Sign up for The Explorer, our monthly roundup of new and featured trips. Or head directly to to browse the full selection by destination, date, activity, or price.

P.S. Seeking the perfect gift for the adventurer who has everything? Grab a Sierra Club Outings gift certificate -- good toward any of our 300+ adventures.

Muir Slept Here: 5 Legendary Wilderness Treks Muir Slept Here: 5 Legendary Wilderness Treks

We've found five destinations connected to legendary explorers, artists, and activists, including John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, Willa Cather, and the band U2. (Quick, what best-selling U2 album was named after a giant yucca?) Get out your maps and start charting your next epic journey.

Got another storied place to add to the list? Tell us in the comments section.

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Keep Coal Out of Our Creeks Keep Coal Out of Our Creeks

Did you know that coal-fired power plants produce more toxic wastewater than any other industry in the United States? That's right; the same coal plants that are polluting our air and wrecking our climate are also poisoning our rivers, lakes, and streams. But now, for the first time in 30 years, the EPA is ready to protect our communities from dangerous coal wastewater -- and they need support from leaders in Congress to overcome Big Coal's lobbying dollars.

Tell your representative to support the EPA's new toxic wastewater protections!

Great New Sierra Club Apparel Great New Sierra Club Apparel

Still looking for gifts for the holidays? The Sierra Club Online Store is thrilled to announce the arrival of nine new products. We have four new adult T-shirt designs our supporters are sure to love. We also now carry a onesie and a kids’ T-shirt for the little environmentalists. And check out our new hats and Sierra Club logo patch.

Shop now, as merchandise is available in limited quantities!

Stuff Your Stocking With Sierra Club Socks Enjoy
Stuff Your Stocking With Sierra Club Socks

This year, support the Sierra Club when you shop for stocking stuffers! For the outdoor enthusiast or everyday explorer, we have Sierra Club socks made in the United States by Parker Legwear from recycled and organic cotton. By working with recycled and organic materials, Parker Legwear conserves resources and energy and eliminates the need for tons of toxic pesticides. And every pair of socks purchased supports the Sierra Club.

Tread lightly this holiday season with Sierra Club socks.

Supporting a Fast for Families Supporting a Fast for Families

On a visit to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., last week, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune had the honor of meeting a group of activists he calls "real heroes."

Find out who they are, what they did to earn Brune's admiration, and what you can do to help their cause.

Photo by Javier Sierra

10 Seconds to Break and Shake 10 Seconds to Break and Shake

Two decades ago, volunteers in Aurora, Illinois, launched the Valley of the Fox Clean Water Task Force, which became the first Sierra Club Water Sentinels site and the model for a national program. Now there's a new national leadership team launching, building on the many strong chapter programs. And once again, the Valley of the Fox Water Sentinels group is serving as the model. 

Read about their recent fall testing day in Ten Seconds to Break and Shake.

Coal Mine Expansion Threatens Sage Grouse Protect
Coal Mine Expansion Threatens Sage Grouse

The proposed expansion of the Alton Coal mine in southern Utah -- a mere dozen miles from Bryce Canyon National Park -- is threatening the southernmost breeding range of the greater sage grouse, whose populations are in decline because of habitat loss. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service are preparing to enact plans to protect the iconic bird, but BLM's proposed plan in Utah allows huge exemptions for surface coal mining, including the Alton mine expansion.

Tell the BLM to ensure long-term protection of the greater sage grouse.

People-Funded Renewable Energy People-Funded Renewable Energy

RE-volv, a Sierra Club partner, raises money to finance community solar projects. Re-volv's current project is an array for the Kehilla Community Synagogue in Oakland, California. Lease payments from this system will be reinvested into a revolving Solar Seed Fund, which will fund three additional solar projects. The installation will provide 85 percent of Kehilla's electrical needs, saving the community $150,000 in energy costs and avoiding the release of 18,570 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Kehilla, a spiritual home to more than 350 households, promotes social and economic justice, peace, and care for the planet.

Support clean energy by helping the Kehilla community go solar!

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It's our 7th anniversary special featuring interviews from some of our favorite past guests: Tom Friedman, Ashley Judd, and Nick Kristoff.

Happy Birthday Sierra Club Radio!

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