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Volume VI, #88
Nov 6, 2007

We are showing what is possible in light of climate change at the local level, but to reach our goal of 80 percent reductions in greenhouse gases by 2050, we need strong support from the federal government.

-- Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, at Friday's Climate Protection Summit where mayors from across the country called on the federal government to do more to fight global warming.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Will Your Mayor Help Flip the Switch?
2) Take ActionDon't Clear-cut Our Future!
3) Energy: Future Brightens for Solar Power 
4) Global Warming: Power Shift 2007

1) Take Action: Will Your Mayor Help Flip the Switch?
Mayors have been leaders in making our cities more energy efficient and in cutting global warming- saving taxpayers millions of dollars because they have increased their use of solar and wind power, switched to energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems in public buildings, and replaced their municipal fleets with clean cars.

Now we need their help to pressure Congress to pass a national Clean Energy Bill. There's nothing more powerful than peer-to-peer communications -- and that's why we are asking mayors to weigh-in with their state's U.S. Senators and Representatives.

Currents action alert arrowAsk your mayor to help flip the switch and bring America's new energy future to life.

2) Take Action: Don't Clear-cut Our Future!
Illegal logging-- and the human rights abuses it drives, has a huge impact on indigenous rainforest communities, forests and the world’s climate. Illegal logging accelerates deforestation, which already accounts for almost one-fifth of the world's global warming emissions.

As one of the world's largest consumers of timber and wood products the U.S. has a responsibility to stop the trade of illegally harvested timber. Doing our part to stop rampant illegal logging is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to fight global warming.

Currents action alert arrowTell your Representative to stop the import of illegally logged timber! 

3) Energy: Future Brightens for Solar Power
Just this week two new solar power projects have been announced. The solar thermal power plant in California and the solar panel manufacturing facility in Oregon will provide enough energy to light more than 130,000 homes, while providing good-paying local jobs. Coupled with the slew of reports coming out recently showing the feasibility and economic benefits of investing in efficiency and renewable energies, it's clear that we have the technology and the know-how to look beyond the dirty energy sources of the past and meet our energy needs while fighting global warming.

Find out how you can be part of the solution.

4) Global Warming: Power Shift 2007
This weekend, almost 6,000 students from across the country converged on Washington, D.C. for the first-ever national youth climate summit. The summit built on successful student efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of over 300 colleges and universities, coalescing local movements into one vision for the future, which includes 80 percent reductions in carbon emissions by 2050, the creation of 5 million new green jobs and investment in clean energy solutions, not new coal plants.

Be inspired by our future!


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