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Volume VI, #89
Nov 13, 2007

This year’s nominations represent the best media practices of humanitarian and public service efforts. They also represent a broad spectrum of social concerns that the media aids us in understanding and even, in some cases, resolving.

- Peter Price, President/CEO of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on the nomination of Mark Greene/Sierra Club's Big Fun with Global Warming for an Emmy.

p.s.- It Won!

In this issue

1) Take Action: Increase Fuel Economy, Increase Energy Security
2) Take ActionProtect Clean Water!  
3) Health: Happy HoLEADays 
4) Wind: One Million Homes Strong and Growing

1) Take Action: Increase Fuel Economy, Increase Energy Security
Yesterday our country honored veterans who have fought to ensure America's safety and security. We can help preserve the security they fought for by raising fuel economy standards and setting a national renewable electricity standard, which will decrease our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. Raising fuel economy standards as proposed in the Senate will save America 1.2 million barrels of oil per day, securing our energy future and reducing global warming pollution.

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Support our veterans by telling your Senators and Representative to pass an energy bill that raises fuel economy standards and implements a national renewable electricity standard!

2) Take Action: Protect Clean Water!
Thanks to last year's fractured Supreme Court ruling and subsequent confusion over the scope of the Clean Water Act, McWane company employees previously convicted of dumping lead, oil and zinc into a local waterway could now go free. The employees had been sentenced to varying lengths of probation and thousands of dollars in fines. Now that Avondale Creek no longer has Clean Water Act protections, the convictions have been overturned, allowing these polluters off the hook.

Keep this from happening again!

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Urge Congress to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act, which would restore original clean water protections

Photo courtesy Nelson Brooke, Riverkeeper and Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper 

3) Health: Happy HoLEADays!
As the holiday shopping season gets underway, parents across America still cannot be sure that the products they buy their children are safe. With over 70 product recalls of nearly 10 million items so far in 2007, it's time for decisive action. Unfortunately that won't happen until we get new leadership in the Consumer Product Safety Commission that is truly interested in serious reform.

Watch our new HoLEADay animation and spread the word about this threat to our children's safety.

4) Wind: One Million Homes Strong and Growing
The U.S. is on track to exceed already record projections for new wind installations this year, according to a new report released by the American Wind Energy Association late last week. The Association reports that in 2007 so far the industry has already added enough generating capacity to power over one million homes. States like Texas, Missouri, Illinois and Pennsylvania now boast new wind installations and even states with small wind resources are getting in on the game, riding a wave of investment in manufacturing facilities across the country.

Learn more about clean energy.


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