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Take Action: Support International Family Planning Take Action: Support International Family Planning

Did you know that Congress commits less than 1 percent of the federal budget to international aid?

Funding for voluntary family planning is just a fraction of this limited allocation -- but that needs to change. We're asking Congress to give $1 billion to international family planning (our government's fair share), and we need your help.

Send your member of Congress a message that international family planning is good for women, communities, and the environment.

Congressional Hill Briefing Congressional Hill Briefing

Last April, Representative Barbara Lee introduced a resolution to recognize the disproportionate impact of climate change on women and the efforts of women globally to address climate change.

This month we cohosted a briefing with Representative Lee's office and our partner Population Action International to further engage members of Congress and the general public by examining the successes of Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) development projects around the world.

You can read about the briefing here and an interview with the speakers here.

Activist Training and Fellowship

Activist Training and Fellowship

What do a fracktivist from Tennessee, a Chicago high schooler who leads an environmental club, and an international health policy analyst have in common?

They were three of 30 diverse attendees of our February training on population and the environment. Participants of all ages and backgrounds spent a weekend in D.C. learning about the connections between reproductive health, sustainable development, human rights, and climate change -- and planning ways to educate and mobilize their local communities around these important intersections.

Keep an eye on PopNews for the application to our next training!

The Fate of the World... The Fate of the World...

Is in your hands, and your pants!

Purchase a newly redesigned program t-shirt and broadcast the importance of linking family planning with the environment without saying a word. T-shirts are $10 each, and we have them in adult size S, M, L, and XL.

Email with your request and address!

Mother May I? Mother May I?

On International Women's Day, March 8, LINK TV will premiere the award-winning film Mother: Caring for 7 Billion at 8 P.M. ET / 5 P.M. PT, with a same-day encore presentation at 11 P.M. ET / 8 P.M. PT.

Mother is a groundbreaking film that reveals the compelling challenges we face in a world of 7 billion. It tells the story of Beth, an American mother and child's right activist, and her journey to make sense of how and why the empowerment of women and girls around the world is so intricately linked to our fate on this fragile planet. Mother features world-renowned experts to help explain one of the most persistent controversies in our culture, which touches gender equity, religion, reproductive health, and the environment. It is a film of hope and shows the strength of the human spirit to make a better world.

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