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Volume VI, #90
Nov 20, 2007

You give people the information, and if they don’t like what they see they’ll find ways to go upstream to their political, social and religious representatives and start dialogue that has a real effect.

- - David Wheeler, head of the research team that compiled the Carbon Monitoring for Action database on global greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector

In this issue

1) Take Action: Support a Strong Energy Bill!
2) Take ActionProtect Our Wetlands!
3)Thanksgiving: Top Turkey Day Tips;
4) Coal: New Tools Show Impact of Energy Choice

1) Take Action: Support a Strong Energy Bill!
As Turkey Day approaches, are you hoping to give thanks for a solid energy bill this year? For lower gas prices? For lower electricity prices? It won't happen without your voice!

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Call your members of Congress and urge them to include strong fuel economy standards and a strong renewable electricity standard in the upcoming energy bill.

2) Take Action: Stop the Yazoo Pumps!
Over 60 years ago the Army Corps of Engineers proposed a pork-barrel plan to drain 200,000 acres of critically important wetlands in the Mississippi Delta. Now the plan is back, threatening hundreds of thousands of acres of prime habitat for ducks and other migratory birds, as well as important floodplain fisheries and a host of wildlife species.

The Yazoo Pumps, which will be the world's largest pump drainage system if built, will cost taxpayers over $200 million dollars and provide none of the flood prevention benefits it promises.

Currents action alert arrowOppose the Yazoo Pumps -- Save Our Wetlands!

3) Thanksgiving: Top Turkey Day Tips
This Thanksgiving enrich your festivities -- and give the planet something to be thankful for too -- with these ecofriendly ideas.

  • Opt for an organic turkey from a family farm.
  • Buy fewer processed foods and more local and organic ones.
  • Incorporate seasonal vegetarian dishes like broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and root vegetables.

Get more Thanksgiving tips on our Green Life blog.

4) Coal: New Tools Show Impact of Energy Choices
Thanks to three new online databases, Americans can now see where their energy comes from and how their present and future energy choices contribute to global warming. The databases break down the carbon emissions from the world's power plants, making it possible to chart the global warming emissions of each individual coal-fired power plant, both those currently in use and those on the drawing board. Consumers can now even track the coal that powers their homes back to the place it was mined to see its impact on the local community.

See how you're connected with your power.


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