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November 27. 2007: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Ten Schools That Do It Right
  • Is There a Proposed Coal Plant Near You?
  • Transit Victories
  • Emmys for Everyone!
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    Whose School Is Coolest?
    Many young people see environmental problems -- especially global warming -- as the moral challenge of their generation. And a lot of colleges and universities have responded by pledging to become carbon neutral and taking other environmentally responsible steps. But whether you're a bright-eyed freshman or a grizzled alumnus, you might wonder how your school stacks up. Sierra magazine recently looked at the nation's colleges and picked ten schools that do it right, based on everything from clean-energy purchases and green-building policies to bike facilities and dorm food.

    Should your school should have made the list? Let us know what you think on our "How Green is Your Campus" Facebook page.

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    Stopping the Coal Rush -- One Plant at a Time
    Coal-fired power plants are one of our nation's largest -- and dirtiest -- sources of energy. Although these plants already produce about half of our electricity, there are plans on the drawing board to build more than 150 new ones in the next few years. The Sierra Club is working to make sure that doesn't happen. From Alaska to Arizona and Kansas City to Washington, D.C., grassroots activism and hard-nosed legal work have helped us win a series of major victories against Big Coal in recent months.

    Is one of these proposed plants near you? Find out by checking our interactive "Stopping the Coal Rush" map. Visit our website to learn more about the work the Sierra Club is doing to stop coal-fired power plants (and the mountaintop-removal mining that often fuels them).

    Photo Credit: Jeffery Dubinsky

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    Transit on Top
    The Sierra Club was involved in a couple of recent anti-transit ballot initiatives at opposite ends of the country -- one in Seattle, and the other in Charlotte, N.C. Happily, in both cases good old-fashioned on-the-ground organizing won the day. Voters in Seattle and Charlotte made the connection between sound transit policies and global warming. 

    Said Sierra Club organizer Kathleen Ridihalgh of Seattle's Proposition 1: "This is the first major public works proposal I know of to be defeated because it would worsen global warming."

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    Heroes and Stinkers
    StinkySpeaking of being on a roll, Sierra Club Productions has been doing some great work lately. The Emmy-award winning Natural Heroes is back for a third season, highlighting individuals making positive environmental changes in our communities and world.  Find out where to watch it in your area.

    And speaking of "Emmy-award winning," our pal Stinky grabbed one for "best public service announcement/broadband" with "Big Fun with Global Warming." And to think we knew him when.

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    Savor every moment in Alaska. Raft down the Kongakut River, search for bears on a backpacking trip in Katmai, or journey under the midnight sun in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Sierra Club can take you there.

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    SSC on MTV
    The Sierra Club doesn't turn up a lot on MTV these days, so we were pleasantly surprised to spot Oregon State University sophomore Nathan Jones, who's the chairperson for the Sierra Student Coalition's national Conservation Committee, featured on mtvU's Cause Effect talking about how he tries to make a difference. And he rocks!


    Down to the Wire
    Congress is back in session on Monday, December 3 and next week will be pivotal to the passage of a clean energy bill.

    We need to keep the pressure on Congress to pass a bill that raises the fuel economy of our cars to 35 mpg and requires 15% of our electricity be generated from renewable power -- visit our Flip the Switch website to find out how you can help. 

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