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Volume VI, #91
Nov 27, 2007

"We know people don't like coal. No matter what we do to call it clean, it's not; it's coal. This notion of clean coal technology is at least a decade out. And yet there's an almost insatiable appetite for energy."

- Thomas Rainwater, chief executive of SunEdison solar panel company, on the economic competitiveness of clean energy vs. old energy solutions.

In this issue

1) Take Action: 3…2…1…
2) Take Action: Save our Salmon!
3)Energy: Wisconsin Cuts Coal!
4) New Study: Wind Can Do That

1) Take Action: 3…2…1…
Let the countdown begin. Congress will decide in the next few days whether Americans will continue to pay more at the pump -- or whether auto makers will begin incorporating existing technology into our cars to make our vehicles go farther on a gallon of gas, dramatically reduce our carbon emissions, and save Americans money at the pump.

Currents action alert arrowLet your member of Congress know that you are paying attention and you want them to vote for a bill that will get us to 35 miles per gallon by 2020.

2) Take Action: Save our Salmon!
Over the past 200 years, the unfettered river waters that once impressed Lewis and Clark along their journey have become polluted and divided by dams. The Columbia and Snake Rivers once saw 16 million salmon returning each year.

Today, only 1 percent of the wild salmon that existed at the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition come back to these once-mighty waters. Yet the Bush administration has failed to implement its own plan to save these endangered wild salmon and steelhead from extinction.

It is time for people across the nation to speak up!

Currents action alert arrowHelp Protect Salmon in the Pacific Northwest!

3) Energy:Wisconsin Cuts Coal!
As part of a new agreement reached yesterday with the Sierra Club, the state of Wisconsin will clean up its 52 year-old coal-fired power plant in Madison and the twelve other state facilities that burn coal. The state will also cut its coal use by 20,000 tons, achieving immediate health results in Madison. The agreement is one of the first steps in efforts to replace Wisconsin's aging power plants with clean alternatives.

Learn more about the Sierra Club's work on coal and find out what is happening near you.

4) New Study: Wind Can Do That
A new Stanford University Study has found that wind can be turned from an intermittent power supply into a steady source of baseload power. By grouping wind farms into a single power corridor, power generation could be evened out -- creating a stable power supply that could replace natural gas, which is now commonly used to provide baseload power for renewable energy systems. The study also found that linking wind farms could reduce the need for costly transmission lines.

Find out more about clean energy solutions.


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