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May 6, 2014 The Senate is expected to vote this week on forcing the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and reports suggest it could come down to a few votes. Share on Google+ Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends
Stop the Senate from Approving KXL Stop the Senate from Approving KXL

The Senate is expected to vote this week on forcing the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and reports suggest it could come down to a few votes. Approving Keystone XL would open the floodgates of climate-killing tar sands crude flowing through the U.S. It would ensure more disastrous oil spills, threaten sources of drinking water for millions, disrupt wildlife, and increase rates of cancer and other health problems in Canada and in refinery communities here in the United States.

Send a message to your senators right now to tell them to say NO to KXL!

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Communities Unite to Stop Keystone XL Communities Unite to Stop Keystone XL

For five days in late April, the Cowboy Indian Alliance -- farmers, ranchers, and members of tribal communities along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route, as well as First Nation representatives whose communities are being devastated in Canada -- set up an encampment on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and held a series of "Reject and Protect" actions, marches, and ceremonies to show the Obama administration the faces of people who would be affected by the pipeline.

See what went down at Reject and Protect.

Rain Barrels on the Riverfront Rain Barrels on the Riverfront

Sierra Club volunteers teamed up with Club staff and local allies the last weekend in April to host a rain barrel workshop on Detroit's riverfront. Members of the Club's Detroit Water Team and Great Lakes Program pitched in to teach more than 80 area residents how to transform used olive barrels into rain barrels and install them in public spaces and at home to help keep pollution out of the city's aging sewage system, which often pollutes the river during storms.

Read more and check out these great photos.

Wait...Bears Can Rock Climb? Wait...Bears Can Rock Climb?

Yes they can, and they look alarmingly human-like when they do. A kayaker in Texas's Big Bend National Park recently captured some extraordinary video of a Mexican black bear mama and cub scaling a scary wall. The footage has gone viral, so Sierra magazine asked professional climber Cedar Wright to critique their ursine style. He called it "a cutting-edge ascent," and was particularly impressed by Mama's "masterful stemming at the crux."

Anyway, you've got to see it to believe it.

Just Say No to Dirty Fuels Just Say No to Dirty Fuels

On Saturday, May 17, join communities around the country in a national Day of Action to ask President Obama and local officials to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, offshore drilling, and other dirty fuel projects that threaten our communities and destabilize our climate.

Find a local rally, march, or vigil near you, or host your own, to say no to dirty fuels, and yes to clean energy!

Blade Runner Blade Runner

When Lester Johnson's crew marries the two halves of a wind-turbine blade, they have only 30 minutes until the glue dries. "It looks like a ballet," he says. "Everyone knows where to go." The Little Rock, Arkansas, team leader is part of a growing legion of American workers who've landed steady jobs in the clean-energy industry.

Read Johnson's story.

Photo by Jacob Slaton

An Outdoor Adventure Awaits... An Outdoor Adventure Awaits...

Get outside this summer and enjoy your local lake, river, bay, or open waters in a human-powered watercraft. Sierra magazine is hosting its annual Paddling Sweepstakes with the support of several paddling sponsors and SylvanSport Trailers.

From a must-have Sea Eagle stand-up paddleboard and Advanced Elements kayak to the luxurious SylvanSport GO Easy Trailer, you can enter to win one of six premium prizes that are sure to enhance your paddling experience!

Enter now.

May Night Skies Enjoy
May Night Skies

This is the best month to observe Mercury and Saturn, and the Eta Aquarids -- a meteor shower associated with Halley's Comet -- peak today. Later in the month, Earth will pass through a debris trail left behind by another comet.

Find out when to look for these and other heavenly phenomena as May unfolds.

Be a Trail Blazer Be a Trail Blazer

The first annual Trail Blazers Ball -- a national event benefiting the Sierra Club -- invites you to take part in an online auction in which 100 percent of funds raised will benefit the Sierra Club. Your participation, and the support of eBay Giving Works, will help the Club amplify its ability to do what we do best: protect the planet! We are also integrating live mobile bidding capability for those who can join the party on May 15 in San Francisco.

Take part in the online auction or attend the ball.

Protect America's Water! Protect
Protect America's Water!

Last month the Obama administration proposed a new rule to clarify which wetlands and streams in the U.S. are covered by the Clean Water Act. The rule would specify which U.S. waters are protected under the Act, extend protections to almost all of the nation's fresh waters, and ensure safe drinking water for hundreds of millions of Americans. But some polluters are working to stop the restoration of our clean water protections.

Tell the EPA that you support its proposal to protect America's streams and wetlands.

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