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HB 1570, Paint Stewardship, Defeated by Senate Vote

Unfortunately, this important bill was defeated by Senate vote.  It is far from a dead issue, however, and NHSC will be following this, and similar bills, aimed at improving recycling and reducing waste in NH as they are proposed in future Legislative sessions.  Clearly, as constituents, we need to make sure that our Legislators are aware of our support of such initiatives, and how inaction on important issues such as recycling impacts us all. 

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Release of the National Climate Assessment

You’ve probably seen the chatter about the National Climate Assessment, issued on May 6, by now.  Be sure to read the short FAQ about the effect of climate change on New Hampshire and the Northeast, which outlines regional findings and also details specific findings impacting New Hampshire including water, health and ecosystems.  Follow the link below, Letters to the Editor, for links to the FAQ and the full text of the Assessment.

New Hampshire Sierra Club encourages you to write a personalized letter to the Editor of YOUR local newspaper supporting the upcoming proposed EPA protections for existing power plants to limit carbon dioxide as part of the Clean Air Act.  The EPA is expected to release their proposed protections by June 2.  There is still opposition to such protections, despite the endorsement of the President and the linking of coal and other dirty fuel sources to climate impacts, as shown in the Assessment. 

Templates for letters to the Editor are available, but we urge you to add your own experience and voice to such letters.  Your support will make a difference!

ACTION ITEM for JUNE - Volunteer Night for Climate Action

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The NHSC office in Concord will be hosting a Volunteer Night on June 10  between 6-8 p.m.

Discussion is expected to cover the proposed EPA Rules and climate actions that you can take.  Everyone who participates in Volunteer Night wins a FREE, very beautiful, New Hampshire-specific T-Shirt.  This “Lupine blue” shirt is available in several sizes (NOT just XXL, ladies!) and is wonderfully soft and high quality.  Please join us for a pleasant evening talking about how to make sure that our New Hampshire quality of life is protected and improved! 

Questions?  Call the NHSC office at 224-8222.


50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

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2014 celebrates 50 years since the passage of the Wilderness Act, which we, as Sierra Club members, feel is a very big deal!  The NH Chapter plans to host an events calendar that will showcase the various wilderness-related activities, events and celebrations being planned by a variety of partner organizations throughout the rest of the year.

While many of these listings may not be directly related to the anniversary, they are all in celebration of the wonderful NH wilderness areas we love: mountains, rivers, lakes and seacoast.  We hope you will visit our online pages frequently when planning your Summer and Fall trips and travels throughout the State.  We will update it as we go along and, if you hear of something going on, please let us know! 

The Wilderness Events calendar will be available soon on the Chapter website and Face book page.

Outings News

The Chapter is in the process of releasing a MeetUp page so that members have another option for viewing and signing up for upcoming hikes and other Sierra Club outings.  For those of you unfamiliar with MeetUp, it is a web-based service that allows groups to post detailed information about events and happenings based on the user’s specific interests and region.  You’ll need to join the NHSC MeetUp group, and then sign up for those events you are interested in.  

Find the MeetUp page here:

There are several hikes planned over the next few months, in part to bring attention to the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act.  Complete details about each proposed outing will be posted (distance, time to complete, difficulty level, supplies etc.) so that you can decide whether the hike is something you feel you can tackle.  For the safety of members, there will be a screening process in advance of hikes to make sure that you have the proper skills and equipment for the particular trip.

Once you are a member of the MeetUp group you will receive email notices of all upcoming outings activities so you’ll always know what’s happening.  You may continue to access the Outings Calendar on the NHSC site as well.

We hope this approach will bring in many members and supporters who are interested in hiking and other outdoor adventures!  Sign up today:

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