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Footnotes Issue #84: June 14th, 2014

  Georgia to Lead on Climate Solutions (With Your Help)

Plant Scherer

Last week was a historic one if you care about the future of our planet. President Obama and the Environmnetal Protection Division have proposed the first-ever limits on carbon from power plants - the largest source of climate pollution. In fact, Georgia is home to the single largest carbon polluter: Plant Scherer, just north of Macon,emits 21 million tons of carbon dioxide a year equivalent to 4.5 million cars.

This standard is a big, substantive step forward in reducing carbon emissions. And while it won’t solve the problem by itself, it sets us up to make some pretty major progress and sends a signal to the rest of the world that we in the U.S. are ready to get serious.

Georgia has historically been a disproportionate part of the problem, but in recent years we have made quick progress by reducing our dependence on coal dramatically, from about 70% to less than 40%. Because we still have a lot of gains that could be made in terms of energy efficiency and renewable energy and because EPA factored in the carbon-free generation expected from the two new units from Plant Vogtle, Georgia was given an aggressive (but achievable!) goal of 44% reduction in carbon pollution by 2030.

The reaction from our utilities and many of our elected officials was disappointing, especially given how much progress we’ve already made. You would think they would have more of a can-do attitude, as they have learned from experience that protecting the environment and growing the economy can go hand and hand.

Our Public Service Commissioners, who won’t be in charge of developing our implementation plan but will play a role in the energy efficiency and renewable energy pieces of it, reacted strongly. Chairman Chuck Eaton claimed the new rules will raise rates, Commissioner Tim Echols took to Twitter to blast the President for hurting Georgia and the South, while Commissioner Stan Wise complained about the President’s “war on coal”.

It seems they’ve forgotten that we’ve already reduced our carbon emissions 22% in Georgia while we’ve been recovering from a recession, and that they’ve already been turning climate risk into business opportunity.  Even in coal’s brightest days in Georgia, when it was producing about 70% of our electricity, it accounted for about 2,700 jobs in Georgia. In 2012, there were already 10,000 jobs in the solar, wind and energy efficiency industries, and those are the ones that are poised to continue to grow.

Let’s make sure they also don’t forget that the real cost is inaction. We are already seeing the effects of climate disruption in the form of floods, severe droughts, record heat and superstorms. These events are costing us more money in more places, more often.

Atlanta is the site of one of only four hearings across the country. Sign up today to ensure that the President, the EPA, and our local elected officials now that Georgians want strong, swift, decisive action to reduce carbon pollution and protect our climate!


Stop Climate Disruption: Carbon-Action Now


Last Monday, President Obama's EPA made a historic announcement: the proposal of first-ever limitations on carbon pollution from power plants.  This is the cornerstone of President Obama's Climate Action Plan, and marks the first-ever significant cut to Climate Change-causing greenhouse gases from the United States major polluters: power plants. The Standard is NOT final, and NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to get across the finish line. Join us to learn more about these historic carbon standards and what you can do to help!



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