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Volume VI, #92
Dec 4, 2007

“Climate change should not just be in the frosting of development, it’s got to be baked into the recipe of development.”

- World Bank President Robert Zoellick at the Bali Climate Conference

In this issue

1) Take Action: Flip the Switch!
2) Holidays: Have Yourself a Green Holiday
3) International:World Gathers to Combat Global Warming
4) Clean Energy: Desert Heats Up

1) Take Action: Flip the Switch!
Have you Heard?! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced she will flip the switch on America's energy future by bringing an historic piece of energy legislation to the floor THIS WEEK.

But the fight is far from over...we need the Senate to support energy legislation offered by the House. Without broad support in the Senate, Congress will not be able to send this bill to the President's desk.

Currents action alert arrowCall your Senators and urge them to support energy legislation that includes raising fuel economy standards to 35 miles per gallon and requiring 15% of our nation's electricity to come from clean, renewable, home-grown sources.

2) Holidays:Dreaming of a Green Christmas (or Hanukah, or Winter Solstice)?
This year have yourself a green holiday. From travel tips to trees to stocking stuffers we have the information you need to have a happy, sustainable holiday. Check our holiday gift guide to find great eco-friendly presents for everyone on your list. Read our Green Holiday tips to find out how you can reduce your footprint this year.

Oh Christmas Tree, or No Christmas Tree? Find out here.

3) International:World Gathers to Combat Global Warming
This week the world -- nearly 200 countries in all -- is gathering in Bali, Indonesia to address the fast-arriving effects of global warming, the findings of climate science and the early results of efforts to stop dangerous climate change. Adaptation, which is also being addressed in the U.S. Congress this week, will be a central theme of the world climate conference as countries struggle with plans to help those most affected.

Learn more about the Bali climate conference.

4) Clean Energy: Desert Heats Up
The next boom to hit southern California will likely be clean energy. A growing number of power companies and renewable energy entrepreneurs are looking to tap into the vast geothermal and solar resources of the southern California desert.

The area's low-level volcanic activity and large untapped solar energy potential make it what clean energy developers hope is the "crown jewel of undeveloped renewable resources."

Soon clean energy from the southern California desert could be providing enough electricity to power over 18 million homes.

Learn more about clean energy solutions


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