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July 29, 2014 The EPA made history last month when it introduced a Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants. Share on Google+ Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends
Speak Out for a Strong Clean Power Plan Speak Out for a Strong Clean Power Plan

The EPA made history last month when it introduced a Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants. This first-ever national plan is the best chance we have to slow climate disruption -- it's a big deal, and the big polluters know it. We will be showing massive support for the Clean Power Plan at the EPA's hearings this week in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

You can do your part by helping flood the White House and EPA with 40,000 new official comments saying that America is ready for strong climate action.

Follow along with activists on the ground at this week's hearings.

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Let's Make History! Let's Make History!

Tens of thousands of Sierra Club members and supporters will join a coalition of environmental, labor, and civil rights organizations for the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday, September 21, timed to coincide with the arrival of President Obama and delegates to the UN Climate Summit. The march, which is shaping up to be the biggest-ever outpouring of support for climate solutions, represents an unparalleled opportunity to let world leaders know how urgently the public is calling for action on climate disruption and for moving from dirty fuels to clean energy prosperity.

Join us for the People's Climate March!

A Better Bicycle A Better Bicycle

Bikes are already pretty near perfect, allowing us to cover ground with greater energy efficiency than any other conveyance. But there's always room for improvement, right? Although more people across the country are cycling to work, cyclists still make up less than one percent of all commuters. Safety concerns, terrain, and distance are among the reasons, but a host of start-ups are rushing to the rescue with innovative ways to address those concerns.

Here are five ways you can make biking even easier and safer.

Illustration by Brown Bird Design

It's Up to Obama It's Up to Obama

Idaho has the largest still-unprotected roadless wilderness on U.S. Forest Service lands outside of Alaska, and a national monument designation by President Obama is our best hope for protecting it. Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune and his family went hiking in the proposed Boulder-White Clouds National Monument during a camping trip through the Pacific Northwest (warning: multiple images of kids loving the great outdoors). "What we saw was spectacular," says Brune. "Protection for these mountains can't wait."

See what makes the Boulder-White Clouds mountains so special, and let President Obama know they deserve to be our next national monument.

It's Not Too Late for a Summer or Fall Getaway Explore
It's Not Too Late for a Summer or Fall Getaway

Overdue for a vacation? Want quality time with friends or family? Or just some rest in a tranquil setting? Well, you still have time and plenty of choices -- but you'll have to act quickly because these trips will fill up soon!
  • If a cozy place to wind down after a day on the trail is your thing, try a lodge trip.
  • Or maybe you'd like an international trek on your pick of all seven continents.
  • If giving back to a wild area or an urban park appeals to you, check out our volunteer vacations.
  • Or venture into the unknown with one of our many backpacking trips.
Want more options? Head to our Search page to check out our extensive trip lineup by activity, budget, date, or destination.

Stop Poisoning Communities Stop Poisoning Communities

Each year, nearly 150 oil refineries nationwide pollute the air in nearby communities with a toxic soup of carcinogens, neurotoxins, and hazardous metals. This toxic air pollution means increased risk of cancer, respiratory problems, hospitalizations, and premature death. That's why the EPA has proposed stronger clean air standards to control pollution from refineries.

Act now to ensure the EPA protects communities from toxic refinery pollution.

Teaching in and out of the Classroom Teaching in and out of the Classroom

Getting out into nature has always been a passion for Cheryl Walling, who went hiking and camping with her family while growing up in the Midwest. For the past eight years, the elementary school teacher, now living in Tucson, has been giving voice to this passion by leading trips for the Club's Inspiring Connections Outdoors (formerly Inner City Outings) program. "When I became a teacher, I noticed that many of my students didn't get to go out into the wilderness," Walling says. "These trips really change the students and the way they relate to the outdoors."

Read more about how this inspired volunteer walks the talk in Tucson.

More Classic Than Vlasic Enjoy
More Classic Than Vlasic

In today's global marketplace, a Vermonter can drive through the snow and pick up fresh Peruvian asparagus from the local grocery store. But formerly, people had to eat what was locally in season, or ferment leftover crops to be eaten months later. One such method was pickling, a great way to preserve a bumper crop and keep it for when the fresh stuff gets scarce. And these days, boutique picklers are preserving a lot more than just cukes.

Check out these Good Food Award-winning pickles you can relish all year long.

Photo by Lori Eanes

No New Offshore Drilling No New Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling for oil and gas is not only dangerous but also accelerates climate disruption. If we are serious about avoiding the most catastrophic effects of climate change, we have to keep dirty fuels like oil and gas in the ground. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has been setting the stage for future oil drilling in our oceans from the Arctic to the Atlantic over the next several years.

Tell the administration to say no to new leasing for gas and oil in America's oceans and stop the next oil disaster!

A House That Breathes A House That Breathes

After Paul and Cicek Bricault purchased a 1911 bungalow in Venice, California, they asked Paul's architect brother to create more space for their two young kids. The couple gave him free rein to be creative, so long as the design was as green as possible. Now the exterior of the master bedroom is wrapped in succulents, there's an edible garden on the roof, tendrils of greenery creep into the bedroom, and the home centers on a "terrazzo terrarium." Paul sees the house as a "living organism that's been breathing and evolving."

Click through our slideshow to see the house Cicek says has "taken on a persona."

Photo by Kenji Arai

We're Never Going Back We're Never Going Back

The EPA's Clean Power Plan is one way we can reduce dirty fuel pollution. At the same time, we're reaching a tipping point where solar and wind become cheaper than dirty fuels. Clean energy creates good jobs and grows our economy, protects our air and water, and gives our climate a fighting chance. Once we free ourselves of fossil fuels, we're never going back.

Check out this video that shows how we're transitioning to 100 percent clean energy.

Supermoon and Shooting Stars Supermoon and Shooting Stars

Lots will be going on in the night sky in August, including the Perseid meteor shower, the closest conjunction of two planets this year, and a so-called Supermoon, the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon (in this case, the former) with the closest approach our satellite makes to the Earth in its annual orbit -- making August's full moon the largest-appearing of the year. And watch the moon play leapfrog with a string of stars and planets throughout the month.

Find out the precise timing of the Supermoon and more in our August astronomy preview.

Support the Bipartisan Super Pollutants Act Protect
Support the Bipartisan Super Pollutants Act

Senators Chris Murphy (D) and Susan Collins (R) have introduced legislation that would reduce the caused emissions of non–carbon dioxide pollutants that are responsible for up to 40 percent of climate disruption. The bill would reduce methane emissions from landfills and fuel exploration, refrigerants from air conditioners and refrigerators, and soot from diesel engines and traditional cook stoves. Curbing these "super pollutants" could reduce the rate of sea level rise by 25 percent, while preventing two million premature deaths each year. The U.S. already excels in technologies that reduce emissions of these pollutants, making this piece of legislation beneficial to both our health and our economy.

Urge your senators to cosponsor the Super Pollutants Act.

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