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August 12, 2014 For eight years running, Sierra magazine has ranked and reported on America's greenest universities. We published the 2014 rankings today, so find out how your alma mater fared. Share on Google+ Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends
Sierra Magazine's Coolest Schools Sierra Magazine's Coolest Schools

For eight years running, Sierra magazine has ranked and reported on America's greenest universities. We published the 2014 rankings today, so find out how your alma mater fared. Check out the top 10, then view the full list of 173 schools, each of which filled out an extensive survey about their sustainability practices to even be considered.

Did your school make our top 10 list?

Photo courtesy of Loyola University Chicago

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A Thousand Words A Thousand Words

Throughout recent history, art students and professors have lit a fire under social movements from civil rights to anti-war. Can they do the same for environmentalism? Our reporter dives deep to find out.

Read the story and see the artworks that just might be saving the planet.

Artwork by Kim Anno

Senior Project Senior Project

Two University of Vermont students are transforming a shuttered, derelict coal-fired power plant into an ecofriendly cultural center. The Burlington community landmark will be powered by renewable energy and feature art studios and "innovation spaces," a nanobrewery, a food court, and rooftop views of Lake Champlain.

Read more about how these new grads have a chance to leave a lasting legacy.

Photo by Bear Cieri

Last Call for Young Adventurers Explore
Last Call for Young Adventurers

Only a few trips remain in our 2014 package for young adventurers. Don't miss your chance to assist on a remote service project in Idaho's Selkirk Mountains or backpack two different areas of Yosemite. Scholarships are available, too -- but you'll have to hurry!

Check out our Young Participant Trips before they're full.

Looking for other options? Head over to our Advanced Search page to explore our extensive trip lineup by activity, budget, date, or destination. And be sure to return this Friday, August 15, when we launch our 2015 late international and winter domestic trips.

A Historic Week for Clean Air and Energy A Historic Week for Clean Air and Energy

Hundreds upon hundreds of people packed the Environmental Protection Agency’s public hearings on its proposed carbon pollution plan two weeks ago. Multiple hearings in Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., were crowded with parents, public health officials, business owners, farmers, clergy, and many others who support the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

Read Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune's recap of the hearings, marches, and rallies.

Sierra Club Honors Environmental Justice Pioneer Sierra Club Honors Environmental Justice Pioneer

The Sierra Club has created a new award named for the "father of environmental justice," Dr. Robert Bullard. "I am humbled, honored, and excited to have the Sierra Club name its Environmental Justice Award after me," Bullard said. The award will be given annually to an individual or group that has done outstanding work in the area of environmental justice. The first Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award will be presented on November 21 in San Francisco along with the Sierra Club's other 2014 awards.

Read more about Dr. Bullard and the new award named in his honor.

Act Now for Dolphins and Whales Act Now for Dolphins and Whales

President Obama just reopened the waters off the east coast to dangerous seismic testing, setting the stage to allow new oil drilling in our oceans for years -- and we have just a few days to collect as many comments as possible before the August 15 deadline. Seismic testing is torture to ocean wildlife like dolphins and whales, which are bombarded with sound pulses every 10 seconds from sonic cannons that are louder than jet engines. Hundreds of thousands of these gentle creatures will be at risk of going deaf, or even dying from the noise. It's up to all of us to make sure seismic testing is stopped.

Can you help? Chip in now to stop this nightmare for dolphins, whales, and other wildlife.

Protect the Oceans' Top Predators Protect the Oceans' Top Predators

Shark finning is turning our oceans' top predators into prey. Each year nearly 100 million sharks die a slow, agonizing death when their fins are chopped off and the animals are thrown back into the sea alive. Right now the U.S. is quietly negotiating two trade agreements that could undermine protections for sharks and leave shark fins on the chopping block.

Take action to protect our sharks and put common-sense trade policies in place.

Justice for Refinery Neighborhoods Justice for Refinery Neighborhoods

"In Louisiana and Texas, communities around refineries have for too long lived with exposure without knowing what was in the air," says Darryl Malek-Wiley, a Sierra Club environmental justice organizer in Louisiana.

That's why Darryl, Leslie Fields, director of the Club's Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships program, and more than 200 others turned out at an Environmental Protection Agency hearing in Houston on refinery pollution protections.

International Solar Power Enjoy
International Solar Power

Staff members from the Sierra Club and the Center for American Progress traveled to Uttar Pradesh, India, and used Google Glass and traditional cameras to film the installation of off-grid solar panels.

Watch the video, and read more about how off-grid solar is helping alleviate India's energy problems.

Host a Wilderness House Party Host a Wilderness House Party

The Sierra Club is teaming up with the Smithsonian Channel to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act and to get the word out about how we can protect more of America's wild lands at house parties across the nation on September 2. Host a house party and join in a discussion with friends, family, and Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune about the Wilderness Act, hear about his recent trip to the Arctic, and get an advance screening of the Smithsonian Channel's special Wilderness episode of Aerial America.

Sign up now!

Club Driving Turnout for People's Climate March Club Driving Turnout for People's Climate March

"Sierra Club volunteers and staff are making a sensational effort to assure that our members and supporters will turn out in force for the People's Climate March on September 21 in New York City," says Sierra Club President David Scott. "Thanks are due to all who are working to make the upcoming march the largest climate action in history."

Read Scott's snapshot of the Club's grassroots efforts to engage a new generation of activists.

What about the Next Generation? What About the Next Generation?

We're already feeling the effects of climate disruption, but future generations will face the worst consequences of our inaction. That's why it's troubling that PepsiCo continues to use climate-killing tar sands to fuel its massive vehicle fleet. Do you agree that Pepsi needs to do more than #LiveForNow?

Add your photo and join us in asking #WhatAboutTomorrow? at

Time to Make the Fracking Industry Come Clean Protect
Time to Make the Fracking Industry Come Clean

Some recipes are worth sharing, especially the natural gas industry's secret fracking chemical cocktails, which jeopardize the health of communities across the country. The EPA has the chance to hold the oil and gas industries accountable by requiring companies to disclose the chemicals used in fracking and requiring studies into how these chemicals affect public health. Since the oil and gas industries are fighting any effort to regulate fracking, it's critical that the EPA hears loud and clear that we have a right to know what chemicals are being pumped into fracked wells.

Tell the EPA that the oil and gas industries must disclose all chemicals used in the fracking process.

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For our 400th episode we go back into the archives to some of our favorite guests: Ashley Judd and Arianna Huffington.

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