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Volume VI, #93
Dec 11, 2007

“Right at the moment where “best science” was most needed, it was locked out of the room.”

- Idaho federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill on the administration’s failure to put science before politics

In this issue

1) Take Action: Vote for Clean Energy!
2) Take Action: Act Now to Protect the Northern Rockies!
3) Federal Government: Politics Trump Science
4) Mountaintop Removal Mining: Faith in the Future

1) Take Action: Vote for Clean Energy!
Did you know?! Last week your Senators cast votes on a measure necessary to move forward on clean energy legislation. Unfortunately the measure failed, but your Senators will have another opportunity to vote the right way this week! How did your Senators vote?

Find out here and hold them accountable! If they voted to move forward with making our cars go farther on a gallon of gas and generating 15% of our country's electricity from clean, renewable sources, thank them! If they voted against the measure, tell them America needs a new, clean energy bill to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and curb global warming.

Either way, America needs this measure to pass in the Senate this Thursday, so take action!

2) Take Action: Act now to Protect the Northern Rockies!
The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA), introduced by Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) would provide long-lasting protection for this historic territory and the wildlife that reside there. The Act uses a unique combination of time-tested tools and visionary new proposals to protect and restore 20 million acres, including the creation of migration corridors vital for wildlife populations threatened by global warming.

Currents action alert arrowTell your Representative to support the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act!

3) Federal Government: Politics Trump Science
A new report issued today by the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has found a "systematic White House effort to censor climate scientists." According to the report, "White House officials and political appointees in the agencies censored congressional testimony on the causes and impacts of global warming, controlled media access to government climate scientists, and edited federal scientific reports to inject unwarranted uncertainty into discussions of climate change and to minimize the threat to the environment and the economy."

Learn the truth about global warming and how you can be part of the solution.

4) Mountaintop Removal Mining: Faith in the Future
This week faith leaders, environmentalists and local citizens will be gathering in Kentucky to discuss mountaintop removal mining. In the wake of federal attempts to expand mountaintop removal mining, the groups are looking for ways to stop this devastating type of mining, which involves blowing off the tops of mountains to reach thin seams of coal below. Already mountaintop removal has disrupted drinking water supplies, flooded communities and destroyed wildlife habitat.

Learn more about faith and the environment and the impacts of mountaintop removal mining


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