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Sierra Club InsiderNovember 6, 2006

A special message from Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope:

Carl PopeTomorrow is the election we've been waiting for.

Voters want leadership that will take America in a new direction. That means a smart energy plan that breaks our addiction to oil and steers our country toward a cleaner, cheaper, and more secure energy future.

Tomorrow is the election where renewable energy can catch fire and become the centerpiece of a clean-energy economy.

Tomorrow is the election where we can tell Congress to stop looking for oil along our coastlines or in the wilderness of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and to start building an energy future independent of oil.

Never before have so many candidates -- of both parties -- run on energy issues. Some examples:

  • "I'll work to get rid of subsidies to oil companies and invest instead in alternative energy and fight global warming."
    Patricia Madrid, New Mexico Democrat for Congress
  • "Our initiative involves expanding the use of renewable and alternative energy. We can create good paying jobs."
    Ted Strickland, Ohio Democrat for Congress
  • "We need to redeploy our troops out of Iraq and be independent of foreign oil...and make America more secure."
    Ed Perlmutter, Colorado Democrat for Congress
  • "I'll work to develop renewable energy to create good jobs in Iowa."
    Jim Nussle, Iowa Republican for Governor
As anyone who reads my blog knows, I've been all over this country for the past week talking about this message of hope -- that a new and secure energy future is possible and essential. But I'm not alone. We have hundreds of volunteers working to get out the vote in state and local races across the country. In our national political program we have more than 2,500 volunteers and staff working in 31 Senate, House, and gubernatorial races to turn out 310,000 voters.

Now it's up to you. Remember: Tomorrow's is an election where we must vote as if our children's future were at stake.

Because it is.

Carl Pope
Signature Carl Pope

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