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January 22, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Top Reporters Are Ignoring the Top Issue
  • Clean Water Victory in Michigan
  • Faith Partnerships
  • Focus the Nation
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    Uncle Walter, How We Miss You!
    The greatest challenge facing the next president is global warming, but you'd never know it from watching television coverage of the elections. If you haven't seen the video that the League of Conservation Voters made about the failure of reporters to ask the Presidential candidates about climate change (while instead grilling them about such earth-shaking topics as baseball, UFOs, and Chuck Norris), then you owe it to yourself to have a look.

    This stuff would be funny -- if it weren't so infuriating. In fact, we're so infuriated that we're helping gather names for a petition to the top reporters telling them to get their act together and ask the candidates how they plan to address global warming before it's too late (for the planet, that is). You can watch the video and add your name here.

    And if you're on Facebook, be sure to join our new group, Make Top Reporters Stop Ignoring the Top Issues, and ask your friends to join, too. Together, we can help these reporters find their inner Cronkites.

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    A Victory for Clean Water in Michigan
    Clean water activists cheered on January 16th when the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the state's program for permitting large factory farms violates the federal Clean Water Act.

    The court agreed with the Sierra Club that factory farms in Michigan failed to provide adequate information on "nutrient" (i.e., manure) pollution and make that information available for public review.

    To learn more about this and other recent Club victories, check out the Stories section of Grassroots.

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    Faith Partnerships
    As part of its Faith Partnerships Program, the Sierra Club is cosponsoring an eleven-city tour by author Brian McLaren, whose new book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis and a Revolution of Hope focuses on creation care, global justice, and a concern for the poor.

    McLaren asks readers to take action in a time of global crisis and addresses how people of faith can usher in change in the face of unprecedented challenges such as global warming, poverty, and war.

    In select cities, these events will be followed by an opportunity to put faith into action with a service project hosted by the Sierra Club on the following Sunday. Learn more about the Sierra Club's Faith Partnerships program.

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    It's Time to Focus the Nation
    Focus the Nation, which kicks off next Thursday, January 30th, is an exciting national teach-in and political forum on global-warming solutions. More than 1,000 colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and faith and community groups will participate, and the event is expected to engage one million students with decision-makers on global-warming policy.

    Along with hundreds of local and state politicians, more than a dozen members of Congress have confirmed their participation in Focus the Nation so far, including Congressman Ed Markey, Chair of the House Special Committee on Climate Change.

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    The World's Most Famous Woods
    You've probably heard of Muir Woods, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary as a national monument by getting listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

    But do you know the story of how it was saved, what the 1906 earthquake had to do with it, and why it wasn't named after the man who saved it?

    Get the whole story in Scrapbook.


    Watch Chronicles on Sundance
    Beginning on February 5th, you'll be able to watch episodes of the Sierra Club Chronicles television series on the Sundance Channel. A new episode will air every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. through March 18th.

    The series features the dramatic efforts of committed individuals across the country working to protect the health of their environment and communities.

    Ranchers in New Mexico, emergency medical technicians in New York City, fishermen in Alaska, neighbors of a chemical plant in Mississippi, all are united in a common cause -- the fight to protect their families, communities and the lands and livelihoods they love from pollution, corporate greed, and short-sighted government policies.  


    Lead and Arsenic Don't Belong in Our Water
    Waste from burning coal, loaded with toxic metals such as arsenic and lead, has poisoned drinking water supplies around the nation. But the EPA still is not taking action to protect our water supplies.

    Tell them to stop delaying setting protective standards.

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