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Volume VI, #98
Jan 30, 2008

"Worldwide concern on the issue of climate change continues to be a key driver for growth. Markets such as the United States have continued their aggressive growth"

-- Indian wind power firm, Suzlon Energy's chairman and managing director Tulsi Tanti on the company's 92% increase in third-quarter profits.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Boost the Economy with Clean Energy Tax Incentives!
2) Take Action: Protect America's Wild Legacy!
3) Everything Must Change: Sierra Club Co-Sponsors Book Tour
4) Coal: Duke to Offset 100% of Emissions from New Coal Plant

1) Take Action: Tell Massey Energy to End Mountaintop Removal Mining
Fund Appeal - MTR MiningMountaintop removal mining is the most destructive type of mining, destroying the environment and threatening local communities. One of the biggest and most polluting companies using mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia is Massey Energy.

The track record of Massey is abysmal, including years of illegally dumping coal slurry waste, rubble, wastewater, and other pollutants into Appalachian waterways.

Currents action alert arrow Tell Massey Energy that we must end mountaintop removal mining today! !

2) Take Action: Protect America's Wild Legacy!
The Senate will soon vote on a bill that will establish much needed new wilderness areas and national parks, and designate wild rivers and national trails.

The bill also honors Cesar Chavez's life and work, which has inspired people across the country to fight for environmental justice.

Currents action alert arrow

Act now to support this positive piece of legislation to safeguard deserving wilderness and establish iconic parks and trails


3) Everything Must Change: Sierra Club Co-Sponsors Christian Book Tour
Starting Friday, the Sierra Club is co-sponsoring an eleven-city tour to promote Christian author Brian McLaren's newest book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis and a Revolution of Hope. Focusing on creation care, global justice, and a concern for the poor, this book calls upon its readers to take action in a time of global crisis. How can people of faith usher in change in the face of unprecedented challenges: global warming, poverty and war?

Inspired by our shared values of environmental stewardship, global justice and care for our neighbors, the Sierra Club is proud to partner with Sojourners: Faith & Justice Churches, Emergent Village and others, in promoting this message of responsible stewardship.

Learn more about the Sierra Club's Faith Partnerships Program.

4) Coal: Duke to Offset 100% of Emissions from New Coal Plant
coalToday, for the first time ever Duke Energy will be required to address carbon dioxide emissions before its new coal-fired power plant can be built. North Carolina granted the air quality permit for Duke Energy's Cliffside coal-fired power plant, on the condition that the carbon emissions from the plant -- up to 6 million tons per year -- are completely offset.

This decision reflects the growing sentiment that the United States should be actively fighting global warming, not building new coal plants that will make the problem worse. States like Kansas and Florida have already said no to new coal, focusing instead on cleaner energy solutions like wind, solar and energy efficiency.

Move beyond coal!


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