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Volume VI, #99
Feb 5, 2008

"We have to wake up some people who are asleep."

-- Jeffrey Holzschuh, vice chairman of institutional securities at Morgan Stanley, on the bank's decision to require utilities seeking financing for coal-fired power plants to prove they will be economically viable even under a carbon cap system.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Chill the Drills!
2) Take Action: Boost the Economy with Clean Energy Tax Incentives!!
3) Lawmakers: Environmental Injustice Still Prevalent
4) Climate: Deforestation Worsening Warming

1) Take Action: Chill the Drills!
Polar BabyTomorrow, the Bush administration will put Alaska's Polar Bear Seas on the auction block. Polar bears are under such threat from global warming that they are under consideration for protection under the Endangered Species Act. But the administration is rushing to open prime polar bear habitat to oil drilling before that happens.

Drilling in the Arctic's Polar Bear Seas would bring disruptive seismic testing, traffic from tankers and ice-breaking vessels, and the constant risk of catastrophic oil spills. The polar bear is one of nature's most beautiful and powerful creations. But now oil and gas drilling threatens to wipe it out.

Currents action alert arrow Tell Congress to support legislation that keeps drilling out of the Polar Bear Seas!

2) Take Action: Boost the Economy with Clean Energy Tax Incentives!
Your elected members of congress will have the opportunity in the next few days to support clean energy tax incentives in the upcoming economic stimulus package!

This package is an opportunity to provide a boost to clean energy companies and consumers right now that will create green jobs, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and help curb global warming.  

Currents action alert arrow

Urge your members to use this opportunity to promote renewable and efficient energy for businesses and households. Take action today

3) Lawmakers: Environmental Injustice Still Prevalent
Across the United States, people of color and low income communities are disproportionately suffering the effects of dangerous pollution. In the twenty year anniversary edition of their Toxic Wastes and Race report, the United Church of Christ Justice & Witness Ministries' found that people of color still represent the majority of those living within three kilometers of this country's hazardous waste facilities.

Help fight the discriminatory siting of toxic facilities!

4) Climate: Deforestation Worsening Warming
It is becoming increasingly clear that rampant illegal logging and deforestation in countries like Indonesia is accelerating global warming. About 1/5 of the global warming pollution released into the atmosphere each year is a result of deforestation, making deforestation the second leading cause of global warming behind the burning of fossil fuels.

Scientists estimate that one quarter of the carbon dioxide emission reductions necessary to fight global warming can be achieved simply by preserving the world’s forests and managing land use wisely.


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