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Volume VI, #100
Feb 12, 2008

"Prices will come down fast."

-- Nanosolar CEO Martin Roscheisen on the affordability of solar energy.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Support Clean Energy Incentives!
2) Take Action: Stop the EPA’s Proposal to Exempt Factory Farms from Right-to-Know Laws
3) Economy: Good Jobs, Green Jobs
4) Victory: Coal Plants Must Cut Mercury

1) Take Action: Support Clean Energy Incentives!
Your members of Congress have the opportunity to extend clean energy tax incentives in an upcoming tax package that will create green collar jobs, jumpstart the economy, and slash global warming pollution. This clean energy tax package will extend crucial tax incentives for emerging industries such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.

Last week the Senate fell one vote short of including this crucial language in the stimulus package, but there is another opportunity to support clean energy incentives by urging your Members to vote YES on a clean energy tax package!

Currents action alert arrow Urge your Congress Members to vote YES on a clean energy tax package!

2) Take Action: Stop the EPA's Proposal to Exempt Factory Farms from Right-to-Know Laws
A new Environmental Protection Agency proposal would exempt factory farms from having to report dangerous releases of toxic chemicals. Though the EPA requires manufacturing facilities to report large releases of harmful chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, under the new rule factory farms, which release millions of pounds of the same toxic chemicals, will not have to report them.

People who live near these facilities should have the right to know what hazardous chemicals they are being exposed to.

Currents action alert arrow

Tell the EPA that Factory Farms should not be exempt from these important laws.

3) Economy: Good Jobs, Green Jobs
Next month, policy makers, business leaders and economic development specialists will all be in Pennsylvania hosting a national green jobs conference. The conference, Good Jobs, Green Jobs will explore the benefits of transitioning to a new green economy.

The job creation and profit potential for clean energy sources like efficiency, solar and wind is enormous and companies are now positioning themselves to take advantage of new cleaner energy sources.

Register for the conference here

4) Victory: Coal Plants Must Cut Mercury
In a huge victory for public health, a federal court ruled on Friday that an Environmental Protection Agency policy allowing coal-fired power plants to evade mandatory cuts in toxic mercury pollution was illegal. The ruling came as a result of efforts by the Sierra Club, 14 states, dozens of Native American tribes, and public health groups to close the EPA's special interest loophole.

Coal-fired power plants, which are one of the largest sources of mercury pollution in the United States, will now have to dramatically reduce the amount of mercury they spew into our air.

Find out how much mercury is in your body and what you can do to fight mercury pollution


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