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February 19, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • How Green Is Your Laundry? Take Our Quiz!
  • Got a Minute? Learn All About Clean Energy
  • Surfers (and the Rest of Us) Score a Victory
  • Play the Carbonrally Game
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    How Green Is Your Laundry?
    Your mother probably warned you not to leave the house without clean underwear, but are your whites green enough to pass muster with Mother Nature?

    These days "clean and green" applies to more than solar power plants -- it's also how we all should do our laundry.

    Take our simple quiz and we'll sort you into the right pile.

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    One-Minute Energy Intelligence
    We know we need to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050 to curb global warming and its consequences, but how? Global warming and energy lingo can be so wonky and complicated -- seriously, what is "cap and trade" anyway? Which are the good biofuels and which are the not-so-good? Is there really such a thing as "clean coal"?

    Enter our One-Minute Energy Intelligence videos -- Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope unravels these mysteries in a series of one-minute videos.

    Here's the first one.

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    Surf's Up
    Surfers and environmental groups in Orange County, California, have been fighting a proposed toll road through a world-renowned surf break (Trestles) for several years now, and last week, the state Coastal Commission voted 8-2 against the road, a big win for the Sierra Club's Friend of the Foothills project.

    The proposed Foothill-South Toll Road would have cut through the heart of San Onofre State Beach located near San Clemente, destroying nearly 60 percent of the park, affecting a popular campground and pristine watershed, as well as the surf beach.

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    Family Vacation That Changed Your Life?
    Sad but true: the American family vacation is disappearing. More and more employers fail to give enough time off, and many of those lucky enough to have substantial vacation time are too busy to take it.

    This coming May, Sierra magazine is running a story on the vanishing American family vacation. To accompany it, we're looking for stories from Sierra Club members about the transformative effects of their own family vacations, particularly those in natural settings.

    Got a good story? Please send it to Sierra Senior Editor Paul Rauber at by the end of February. We're especially interested in stories that could be accompanied by a great old family snapshot, so please scan it and send it along. Or photocopy the picture and mail it to Sierra, 85 Second Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105.

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    My Town Has Cut More Carbon Emissions Than Yours!
    Wanting to reduce your carbon emissions and actually figuring out how to change your habits of consumption are two very different things. Three Boston-area Sierra Club members are making it easier to bridge that gap with, a web community where members can propose deas for reducing their carbon footprint, and the community chooses the best ones to pursue.

    Joining is free, and members can form teams to compete locally or battle with other towns for the most carbon reduction points. The total community impact of the actions is tracked in real-time on the site, and a leaderboard keeps tabs on who has reduced their carbon emissions the most.

    You can learn more about, and the guys who dreamed it up, in Scrapbook. (Is a TV reality show next? The Carbon Footprint Race?)

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    Did Your Senators Vote to Save You Money?
    Your Senators had the opportunity to support clean-energy incentives as part of the economic-stimulus package that was passed by Congress earlier this month. Unfortunately, these crucial incentives necessary to sustain the booming clean-energy industry were stripped out of the package. But you can make a difference by holding your Senators accountable for their vote and encouraging them to support such incentives in future votes.

    We've made it easy for you to see how your Senators voted and send them a message.

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