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March 4, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Tips for Saving Gas
  • Remind John McCain to Vote
  • Stop FEMA's Toxic Trailers
  • International Women's Day on Sierra Club Radio
  • Wolves Need Our Protection
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    Gas-Saving Tips
    Worried about the high cost of gas? You've got good reason. Gas prices look like they could hit $4 a gallon by this summer.

    Odds are you can't give up driving completely, so run down the list of our ten best tips for saving gas and make sure you're doing everything you can to ease your pain at the pump.

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    Help John Remember: Send Him an E-card
    Senator John McCain of Arizona says he supports clean energy, but he was the only lawmaker who didn't show up the last time the Senate voted on renewable energy tax incentives -- which failed to pass by just one vote.

    All is not lost, though. The Senate will vote on renewable energy again in April, so Senator McCain has another chance -- provided he shows up.

    You can help him remember by sending him an e-card: Dear John -- Don't Forget to Vote.

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    From Toxic Trailers to New Standards
    FEMA TrailerThe Sierra Club's Becky Gillette has been called "the Erin Brockovich of formaldehyde" for her and the Club's role in first uncovering the toxicity of FEMA trailers in April 2006. Since then, the Club has taken a lead role in fighting for both better disaster assistance and emergency housing.

    Now, we're asking the EPA to adopt nationwide standards to protect people from toxic formaldehyde, which is commonly used in paneling, flooring, cabinets, furniture, countertops, molding, and doors. Astonishingly, more people have been harmed by the formaldehyde in FEMA emergency housing than were harmed by Hurricane Katrina.

    Sign our petition to the EPA to support removing deadly formaldehyde from building materials. And if you believe that you are experiencing problems from formaldehyde, please email to learn more.

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    A Few Great Women
    This Saturday, March 8th, is International Women's Day, and Sierra Club Radio will be broadcasting a special show featuring in-depth interviews with two women heroes: Lois Gibbs, the hero from Love Canal who fought for justice in her contaminated community and helped launch the national movement to clean up toxic waste, and Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, campaigner for better fuel economy, and author of a new book called On Becoming Fearless.

    If you can't wait for Saturday, listen to last week's interview with legendary singer/songwriter Carole King, who has been working to help protect wilderness in Idaho.

    All Sierra Club Radio shows can be accessed on our website or downloaded via the iTunes store. So tune in!

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    Wolves Need More Time
    Gray wolves once roamed freely in America's Rocky Mountains. But thanks to habitat loss and human intervention, they had virtually disappeared from the region by the 1930s. In an effort to restore balance to the ecosystem, wolves were reintroduced in 1995 and protected under the Endangered Species Act. Since then, wolves have begun to make a comeback. However, scientists are still concerned about the long-term survival of these noble creatures.

    Despite concern from scientists, the Bush administration removed wolves from the Endangered Species List last week, leaving them vulnerable to state plans in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho that call for aggressive killing of wolves.

    Wolves are a symbol of America's wild legacy, and they still need our protection. Write to the Interior Department and tell them it's too early to remove wolves from the endangered species list

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    Endless Summer
    We've just launched our line-up of winter and spring 2009 international outings! Awake to howler monkeys in Costa Rica, poke around Mayan ruins in Chiapas, or search for tigers in India. Don't get left out in the cold; our trips fill up quickly!

    See international trips.

    One-Minute Energy Intelligence
    In the latest installment of One-Minute Energy Intelligence, Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope explains the difference between cap-and-auction and cap-and-trade -- two very different strategies for addressing carbon reduction.

    Do you know which one actually makes polluters pay?


    Everybody Likes Bikes!
    So check out the special "Pedal Power" trilogy of bicycle features in the current Sierra magazine. We'll take you on a spin from the great lost bikeway of L.A. to the lowest (and hottest) place in the U.S.

    Riding a bike is, by itself, one of the greenest things you can do. But if you want to know just how green your bike ride really is, take our quiz and find out.


    Big Win for Renewables
    Great news -- the House of Representatives voted in favor of clean energy and against subsidies for oil companies last week.

    Do you know how your Rep voted? Find out now and send them a thank you message if they voted in favor. If they voted against, let them know you're disappointed and urge them to support clean energy in 2008.

    Find out now and send them a thank you message if they voted in favor.

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